Happy Birthday Lincoln! You didn’t have to close the office today or on Monday but I am ever so grateful! I will honor you by taking advantage of Presidents Day sales and going to the movies to catch a girly flick with mom. And I will NOT buy the $8 soft pretzel and cheese combo again. I know i said that last time but i mean it today. I mean it.

A while back I received some loot from Pilsbury and the awesome peeps at My blog Spark! I recently cashed in and got my two free Pilsbury crescent thingys and cooked up something for an upcoming par-tay.  (oh, what party? The Valentines day bash for all my single peeps… who are unknowingly going to be bringing home about 100 free condoms each. lol) Its an easy recipe and one that will surely please. Pizza Pinwheels!


What you’ll need? for one batch of these babies you will need some of your fave marinara sauce (pesto would be awesome too), some mozz cheese, and a roll of crescent dough.


Roll out your crescent dough and pinch the perforated seams shut… In this series of photos I didn’t adhere to my own instructions and it got really messy so pinch the damn seams and be happy about it!


Sauce it up! Don’t over do it. Leave some space around the edges.


Add some cheese. Normally there would be some veggies in here or my fave pizza toppings but in case you hadn’t noticed..its gross as shit outside and I’m not going out for a pepper and some mushrooms. I will next time.


Okay. CAREFULY roll the dough into a log or a burrito or whatever you feel like… as long as you can achieve the next step. If you notice carefully you will see the some marinara sauce peeking out…. thats the seam i forgot to seal. 🙂 I scored the rolls into inch slices.  and placed them on a well greased cookie sheet.


Yes, they are very ugly. I never score high marks for anything dough related… but flavor-wise? thru the roof! Bake these babies according to your crescent dough directions (425* for 13 mins)


Or see above for desired results.


I estimate that each pizza pinwheel is approx 120-150 calories, depending on how small they are and how much cheese is in it. i served my self one two three with a side salad. I froze the other 2 dozen for the party and when they are ready to be consumed pop them it the oven to reheat. 🙂


and have some of this TLC goodness for dessert! Mmmmmm! Almonds!

And I have one more thing….