I’m not hungover anymore! yay! But im pissed about all this friggin snow. Spring where the hell are you?
So my Valentine’s Day party was amazingly fun! I started the day with a loving mug of hot cocoa.
I’m getting good usage from my Valentines Day Pressie!

My biggest mistake was taking these babies out when my guests arrived… My heartmallow supply is starting to dwindle. Sad Panda.

Had a really quick Breakfast because I had a lot of prep and cleaning to do before the party peeps started to arrive. I love entertaining guests- it gives me a reason to mop my floors a million times.
On the menu pizza rolls, lasagna, turkey meatballs, garlic cheddar drop biscuits, chips and not pictured sausage dip (aka mommy crack). The sauce for the lasagna was cooked the night before. I like to simmer my sauce with the meatballs for about an hour. My first mistake was when I decided to assemble the lasagna the night before- I usually know better than this but I was eager to prepare so i can enjoy the party as much as possible.

Pizza rolls were the first to go. And the Cheddar biscuits were pretty damn good, if i may say so.

The lasagna, in my opinion was edible but it was not Stellar. The sauce was spot on….theres nothing like homemade sauce. But assembling it while everything was still hot and then refrigerating encouraged the noodles to suck up the sauce. The lasagna lost alot of its volume and pretty much looked like noodles glued together. Not my best lasagna but my guests might be too polite to say so. They ate it and were happy. Love you guys for that!

I invited 5 people, and a few people brought someone along. So My guest number was about 10 ppl. I love having company. And almost everyone bought some wine. We killed 2 JUGS of Sangria and 5 bottles of wine. One thing I dislike about red wine is the purple lips. Maybe I dont drink it right but if I have more than 2 glasses, my lips, teeth and tongue turn purple. Not the best thing when you are socializing. Good thing there were no potential boyfs around!

Heres some of the group looking at which karaoke songs they wanted to sing. We managed to sing about 3 songs but everyone was running their mouth (which is a good thing!) but at some point they really wanted to chat instead of sing. My lovely Mickey took the moment to command the attention of everyone in the room when she entered the center of our conversation circle and proceeded to squat and pee on my hardwood floor. I picked her up and put her in her room for about an hour. We played some Catch Phrase where I kept shouting Lady Gaga and then teapot… and we tied up the game. We took an indefinite break because someone came out of her room and people wanted to score some sausage dip.

Ariel is holding a very confused Mickey. Sorry Ariel! it was the only photo where you and Mickey didnt have reflective eyes 😛 (isnt Ariel Adorable? I think she looks like Snow White…but her nickname is T.I. )

Minaal was holding Mickey for a while too. this is how Mickey likes to sit in this chair. We sit together watching tv while i rub her belly. Behind Minaal is the sausage dip… clearly Mickey wanted in on the action! And I just realized… Mickey with Min-nie… not quite minnie but close enough!

I got a Valentines Day Present too! A Hugh Jass chocolate bar!

About half of this remains in my fridge. 🙂
I had a great Valentines Day Party! I got pretty sauced too… and as you already know woke up with a raging hangover.