When you come to work to find this outside your window, it really puts a damper on your mood. It was a ghost town too which means there wasnt much work to be done. I was a good girl and packed my lunch but when lunch rolled around, I took one look at the peanut butter and fluff sandwich in my tote and made a bee line to the elevator.
I met my coworkers for a midday feast at our nearby pub (and maybe a beer… ) I learned my lesson last time when I mistakenly chose a Deep Fried Veggie Burger thinking it was the healthy alternative. But now, having made the mistake already I used my brain for real this time. I was torn between the cobb salad and the grilled chicken sandwich. Everyone around me was living it up ordering tater tots with cheese, Loaded Chicken and Cheese Nachos, and even someone who ordered a chili cheeseburger with cheese fries (oh, to be a man and eat like that!). Craving something bready, i opted for the grilled chicken sandwich and asked for a side salad instead of a side of fries.

Some asshat was playing with my settings and this was the best image I could get with my camera. But the grilled chicken was dry. The spicy mustard was lacking. The bread was perfection however, and so was the pickle! And my side of mixed greens with a sweet balsamic vinegar was delicious and quite filling. I had a beer (or two) with my lunch and left feeling satisfied with the choice I made ( minus a few bites of the tater tots, cheese fries, and loaded nachos).
Eating this much food left me feeling sluggish for the remainder of the day and on a slow day like yesterday, it was torture!
I got home craving a hot bowl of oats. But not just any oats. I wanted the oats that i got on $1 Wednesday from Jamba Juice… but its not $1 Wednesday and there aren’t any Jambas nearby. So I made my own jamba oats. I looked up the nutritional info for the Banana oats (my FAV). My father is madly in love with these oats too!
The ingredients: vanilla soy milk, steel cut oats, brown sugar and a banana.
THATS IT! Can you believe that is all that stands between you and perfect oats?

i added some instant oats to the mix for a creamy texture. I cooked it according to the directions on my irish steel cut oats.

Added half a banana and a heaping spoonful of brown sugar and a sprinklin of cinnamon.
Verdict: AMAZING! I cannot believe the difference the vanilla soy makes! It is still very creamy but has a slight vanilla aroma and flavor that really compliment the oats. The brown sugar provides the perfect level of sweetness… and bananas make this baby complete.
I just stocked up on vanilla soy milk because I cannot see myself making oats any other way! Save your $1 and make this at home!