Morning my lovelies.
In a fit of early spring cleaning I decided to setup this blog like if it were a real blog. LOL. So we got our own twitter account! yay! We got our own email Account! yay! and now we have our own domain! yay!!!
What took me so long? Oh, i dont know. Might have been just sheer laziness… moving right along.
After a mammoth bowl of jamba oats, I decided to change up the breakfast a bit. While watching Dr. Oz’s 100th episode, all of his attending guests were all people who have lost 100 pounds! they were providing tips and one of them suggested having a bigger breakfast to keep you full throughout the day.
I know it looks ginormous but its 3 egg whites, 1 veggie burger, a generous pour of chunky and spicy salsa with some toasted sandwich thins. 350 calorie brekkie. not bad, eh? and Suuuuuper filling.

For lunchies my tummy was craving some sushi. Why is sushi so amazingly good? Its got the most amazing textures and flavors combined. I could be stuffed to the gills with food and would have a hard time turning down a salmon avocado roll. Heavenly. This is about 1.5 rolls. Uber filling. And I was satisfied with a full belly of sushi, looking forward to a good dinner!
When i got home from work, i let Mickey out of her room and she ran under the dining table.

“Mickey, lets go for a walk”
usually this causes her to run like a speeding bullet to the door… but she started hiding from me.

“mickey, come”
avoidance means one thing…

“Did you do something bad?”
yes she did. She had an accident. in her bed. the bed that i just washed two days ago.
The joys of being a fur momma.
I took Mickey on a quick walk since her bladder was empty already and came home to make some dinner and re-wash her bed.
Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program sent me Kikkomans new Lime Ponzu sauce. I was so excited when I got this because I am all about the asian flavors! I love love love ponzu sauce. I will note that I normally do not like citrus flavors in savory dishes but i was feeling adventurous…and hungry!

I let 9 shrimp marinate in ponzu, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, splash of rice vinegar, and red pepper flakes for about 30 minutes.
I grilled some zucchini and boiled some whole wheat pasta while the shrimp were soaking up tasty goodness.

Cooked the shrimp on a screaming hot pan for 2 minutes on each side. shaped like C’s means cooked, shaped like O’s means OVERCOOKED!

when everything was cooked i threw it in the same pan with all the drippings from the shrimp and lightly tossed it to cover it with the yummy sauce. I used 1/2 cup dry pasta, 1 whole zucchini and 9 shrimp (reg serving: 6) for a REALLY REALLY good dinner.
Kind of reminded me of a hearty linguine… the shrimp had a delicious flavor to them and the lime didnt overpower it at all- in fact i barely tasted it!
I am actually marinating some shrimp as we speak for tonights dinner! cant wait.