I am soooo happy its Friday!
Momma Food Snob is having minor surgery today. My goal is to spend the weekend in Brooklyn helping mommy. She is gonna be off her feet for a few weeks so i best be beefin up the content on the blog so momma-dukes has something awesome to read (cuz, i am so friggin awesome). I’m most looking forward to taking care of her. She’s my bestie! When my father had surgery a while back, I took delight in taking care of him too. I will never forget the look on his face when i made him smiley face pancakes on the first day I was taking care of him.
Just wanted to tell the world that I have amazing and supportive parents who have been there for me when i really needed them and even when I dont think i need them, they are still there!

I still have a horrendous cough. Some days it gets better and some days it sounds like im a smoker hacking up my lungs. ))))smokers(((( But I figured my dairy consumption wasn’t helping the situation so i recently switched to soy and tried to eliminate dairy from my diet.
I LOVE vanilla soy milk, i love everything about it so when I went to a different grocery store and saw that the store brand vanilla soy was on sale for $1 per carton, i grabbed two and was so excited. When I got home I learned that you have to be brand loyal when buying soy milk. I added it to my coffee and its disgusting. The vanilla flavor tastes artificial and gives my coffee a nasty aftertaste. So tomorrow, back to trader joes for my TJ brand of vanilla soy.

And because my coffee was so shitty i went for my lemon yogurt. A dairy product. Oh well. It was really good too.

My supervisor came back from vacation with a shit load of flavored seltzers. When I went apeshit over one of them he surprised me with my own bottle. Vanilla seltzer. Its like a cream soda…. but not.

Breakfast was small and disappointing. So around lunch time i ordered some take out. There is an awesome place by my office that serves GREAT portions sizes for lunch. I believe they are 1.5 cup servings and come with an egg roll. I got brown rice with chicken and broccoli. Probably not the bestest choice considering big lunches make me sleeeeeeepy…. and I have been going to bed soo late…. and my coffee was disappointing.
Im on a roll.
Din din was light. And i felt like such a blogger.
sandwich thin with laughin cow, veggie burger and heaping spoon of salsa.

And that blogger trend of salsa on the salad. Dude, that ish was goooood.
I have a confession to make: i havent been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. I havent worked out at home in almost 2 weeks and I have been cheating. I promise to jump back on my fitness wagon before I become a typical resolutionist! I have worked really hard in the last two months and no stupid sinus infection is gonna Eff it up for me!