I’m in a Funk.
I can’t get right.
I’ve gained 2 lbs since getting sick a month ago. I am still coughing. I am emotionally and physically exhausted. I was soaring a week ago but it seems that I can’t even fake being happy and energetic the past few days… and its affecting everything. I need to work out. I need to feel those endorphins. I need to stop coughing. I need to stop bitching. I need a new hobby.
I’ve even gone so far as to attempt to join a dating service. So when I went to sign up the price tag killed me! Normally the price isnt a big deal but I think the Universe is telling me I need to go on a dating detox. I need to find my MoJo again and be happy and energetic with every fiber of my heart, mind, body, and soul. Faking it just wont cut it.
We’ve all been there. How do YOU pull yourself out of a funk?
This funk has been affecting my eating habits. Nothing sounds like its gonna taste good. Nothing sounds like its worth making… I grabbed some of my new Low fat Granola and paired it with some “boston cream pie” yogurt from Weight watchers.

The Granola was amazing. Perfectly sweet and an awesome nutrition label (90 cals for 3/4 of a cup!) but the yogurt- not so great. I’m happy that the granola was so yummy otherwise, this would have been a complete disaster…

But don’t worry- Lunch was a complete disaster. LOL. I made some broccoli slaw and some dumplings since I was in the mood for dumplings… the slaw came out nice and I smushed a laughing cow into it for an “alfredo” but the dumplings were gross. Which is sad because i typically enjoy this particular brand of dumplings.
So since broccoli slaw alone wasn’t gonna do it, I made AMYS Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowl. This particular one is REALLY good. Extremly flavorful and not so bad calorie wise. texturally- MUSH. But whatever.

I decided to prepare for my week ahead and prep some tofu.

Marinated it in Ponzu sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, touch of brown sugar, touch of ginger, and a sprinkle of rice wine vinegar and red pepper flakes.

For dinner, i took yet another dish out of the freezer. Some Indian leftovers.

I had some leftover rice, a veggie kebab and decided to steam some cauliflower to go along with it. When I was in search of an additional condiment I came accross some Indian Fare from Trader Joes that I thought would complete this impromptu dinner. It was comforting.
I realize what I need right about now is a day in my kitchen where I can start something, finish it and have it come out exactly the way I want it to. And then have an angel come over and clean the kitchen while I sit and enjoy my creation.

I was really looking forward to dessert. An oreos n cream that was in my freezer. it might have melted a little too much before I put it in my freezer… and the entire thing was icy and flavorless. If it hadnt been already 8pm, i would have taken an frosty walk to Forest Hills for TLC fix…

Please forgive this very dumpy post. I hope to get my MoJo back very soon!
(i should note that the first two letters of my first and middle name are Mo and Jo…)