Hello Lovahs. Did you enjoy your snow day? I did. I stood home with my Mickey Girl, rented a chick flick, baked some Challah bread (again) and consumed an entire bottle of cheap wine (raise your hand if you have an SSB?) I will not mention how peeved I was when i tried to talk Mickey twice before noon and the streets and sidewalks were still not plowed that day- I called out and gave myself a snow day.

Dear Mother Nature,
Looking forward to Spring.
Mom is still recovering and I am still helping out when i can. I went to see her after the pasta and meatballs had run out and she had another comfort dish on her mind. BBQ Braised Short Ribs. Of course mama! but first… I need a snack.

I had some leftover tortillas in the house. I had some salsa. I was feeling really greedy and then found some shredded cheddar/colby jack cheese. SO I made some nachos.

Clearly, this is more than a snack but nuking chips with cheese and spicy salsa produces something heavenly. MMM. If i had some guac or sour cream I might have died and gone to heaven.
Okay, Ribs.
Since i had some on my hands, I decided to make them a bit differently. Normally, i just dump the ribs into my crock pot, pour sauce all over it and then cook on low for 10 hours. I decided that today, I was going to sear these babies to lock in their juices. I trimmed most of the fat off of the ribs. And seasoned them with garlic, salt, and pepper. I sprinkled a bit of flour on them too to make a nice crust when they sear.
In a screaming hot pan, sear each side of the short ribs for a minute on each side.

You dont want to cook them but you want to create a nice seal for all the moisture to stay inside the ribs. Add them to your crock pot, pour your favorite BBQ sauce on top of it (enough to cover the ribs) and about 1/2 cup of water. Place the lid on those delish ribs and cook on low for 10 hrs or on high for 5 hrs.
I whipped up a pot of garlic mashed potatoes and steamed some fresh spinach.

The ribs were fantastic before but seasoning and searing them before slow cooking them made them so incredibly awesome! they were amazing! they didnt last very long as everyone wanted seconds.
Seriously, the short ribs are a little bit pricier but they are meaty and taste amazing when braised or slow cooked! do try! you will not like- you will LOVE!
Speaking of Love… hello SPRING- I know you are coming! I can smell it!