****At the start of this post All was well in my world. But then around 10:30 am I was escorted out of my office building due to a fire. I spent the rest of the morning standing outside in the cool weather (which later became cold). My office will be closed till the end of the week, my belongings, including my camera and flash-drive are being held hostage in my smoke filled office. I am grateful that no one got hurt but this might be my last post for a while until i can get my things*****

My Gravy, it is such a gorgeous day in NYC. The sun is out! the snow is melting, and the temperature is a comfortable 40 something degrees… I can totally smell spring fighting its way to NY! Spring means one thing… ALLERGIES. I love spring but I hate allergies. Just be warned… if its not snow im complaining about its pollen. 🙂

Speaking of allergies.

I decided that with all my free time and my love for animals that I should volunteer at the nearest animal shelter. Rescuing Mickey has changed my life and it breaks my heart to know there are so many more animals in shelters that are just waiting for someone to take them home… I cant afford another dog but thought if i donated my time I could make a pup a lil happier with a few hours of tlc. So I volunteered with Bobbi and the Strays. Sunday was my first day. I was asked to clean cages. I reported to work, excited and eager to help. My shift was from 10 -2.

At 9:55 I was given a crash course on cleaning cat cages.

“have you ever worked with cats before?”


So they guided me. They showed me how to clean everything and told me i didnt have to handle the kitties if i didnt want to. But I got to work scooping litter boxes, cleaning bedding and crates… and then i noticed that my nose was starting to run. I ignored it. then I started sneezing. I also ignored it. My eyes were tearing up and then the most intense Itch all over the inside of my mouth and throat.

“Monique, are you allergic to cats?”

I dont know.

“Um, i think you’d better go before it gets out of control… we will call you so we can arrange for you to walk the dogs if you still want to help”

SAD PANDA. So now I will be a dog walker with ZERO cat contact. 😦 oh wellz.

Okay, so the other day, my coworker told the office he was moving to China. And on his last day we wanted to wish him well so we took him to lunch for a nice and healthy bon voyage.

Spring Street Natural Restaurant on Spring Street in SoHo. The place is very veggie friendly and reasonable price wise… there is also a very busy bunch around lunch time so its best to call ahead and make reservations.

We were seated and brought a basket of warm bread. This beauty was semi sweet… my mouth thinks its a sweet potato bread of sorts…but i could be wrong. I might have had two slices of bread with butter… but i cant remember.

The menu had so many wonderful things to choose from and after hearing my friend RAVE about their veggie burgers, I decided to go with it. The portions are wonderful and I made a deal with my friend next to me that will allow him to eat most of my fries…and seriously what MAN would turn down free fries with garlic mayo?
And this veggie burger was not DEEP FRIED. might have been pan fried but it did not have a lot of oil so maybe it was grilled with panko bread crumbs? dunno.

the base of the burger had sweet potatoes and was served on a fresh whole wheat bun… it was heavenly… and yes I put the garlic mayo on this baby! DEELISH!
I am so going back to Spring Street Naturals… They have so many other items on their menu that i would love to try; including free range chicken sandwiches, grass fed beef steaks… and lots more. Cant wait to go back!

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