A few months ago, I was on a serious Udon Kick. Like everyday for a week I had some variation of Udon. At some point I got a little sick of it… and who wouldn’t- you can get really sick of things when you have it everyday.
I have been staring at this list for months. Its stuck on the wall near my refrigerator. Its a reminder that I made Udon so much that I had the list of ingredients ready to go for whenever. After checking out what was available in my fridge for din din (slim pickings), the only thing in there that was healthy and plentiful were blocks of tofu. And looking at my list, then my tofu, then my list again and seeing in the crisper a fresh bunch of scallions I decided…

We are having Udon for dinner kiddos! Its easy. Its quick. Its freakin delish! (and Oh Em Gee how i love noodles!)

I found some broccoli that was nearing its death and tossed it into the broth while i let the dashi and mirin and soy do their thing.

Grabbed a huge block of tofu and sliced it into big healthy chunks.

I tossed in the tofu and let the soup simmer for 20 mins. When it was almost done, I added a bunch of scallions for an oniony kick.

and prepped my udon noodles while the soup simmered. Its best to make the noodles right as the stock is finishing… its too tempting to have a bowl of noodles staring at you. I should know. I kept “tasting” the noodles… oh noodles! I love them!

Pour broth and some broc and tofu in the bowl and garnish with some chili powder and fresh scallions. eat! enjoy!
And because you made 8 cups of soup, have some leftovers:


Leftovers with the addition of mushrooms! MMMM.
That surely satisfied my Udon Craving… dont think there will be one for a while. Udon 3 days in a row is enough. πŸ˜‰