My fridge needs a serious restock. I find I am getting mighty creative in the eating department. And folks, when you dont satisfy your palette bad things happen… like you become a ravenous monster and you destroy every thing in your path till you find the thing that will make you most happy. Or, you just deal with it and dream up delicious things while you eat the stuff that just needs to be eaten already.
Early Morning. Workday. Only one thing on my mind: COFFEE
Alas, I am out of milk.
So i rummage through my cabinets and find a valentines day treat…
a Pink Hot Chocolate. I thought Chocolate= caffeine… right?

It was very pink which led me to beleive that it was made with white chocolate. White Chocolate = No Caffeine = No bueno.

I drank it in all its creamy pink goodness but headed to the bucks STAT for an IV filled with espresso. What is it about the transition of seasons that WIPES ME OUT! I am completely tired! And Im craving carbs like a junkie!

I grilled up some turkey sausage the other day was happy to pack a few links for breakfast. ((((Protein)))) and I had a mini portion of grits. Butter grits and turkey sausage- heaven!

While I was at the bucks I picked up a sandwich. I normally dont go for starbucks sammies because the calorie counts are INSANE! but this one wasnt bad. I beleive it was only 300 calories and had red pepper hummus inside… I am a sucker for red pepper hummus.

It was tasty but it was small. If im gonna have a veggie wrap the damn thing is gonna explode from all the veggies inside and its gonna be a two-hander (hold with 2 hands, duh). I’d get this again… if it were on sale (highly unlikely), if it were free (yeah, thats happening), or if it got bigger (TWSS).
At dinner time I wanted some straight up comfort in the form of frozen pizza.

I prepped a side salad (cuz we all know those pizzas pack on the calories but never leave you completely FULL- or i just REALLY like pizza and can never get full)

Stir fried up some ‘shroomies for the pizza topping. Hell, if I cant get take out- im gonna make this as enjoyable as possible!

Before the ‘shroomies.

After! MMMM. Delish. I am a big fan of garlic spinach on my pizza… its all spinach floretiney and stuff but i was out of espinaca (en ingles: spinach).
I was really craving a walk to the lite choice but it was 7:45 and I would not have made it to the joint in time. 😦