Mickey expressed concern as to why I keep taking pics of her and neglect to show the world her cuteness… Right you are Mickey- So here is a recent pic of my Mickey Girl nibbling on a Rawhide chip.
She’s gonna be FOUR in one month. Which means I will have her for a whole year now. She’s changed my life (for the better) and shes my best friend in the whole world. Love You Mickey Poo (evidence of love: I gave her my first winnie the pooh rattle and I wouldnt let my nephew have it…. I know, bad auntie)

So the random eats of the day really sucked but the one thing that insipired this post was an AMYs veggie lasagna. Presentation wise- these things are gross. Flavor wise… fantastic. I dont know what Amy does but she should tell the entire world of frozen food purveyors- they can learn from her!

Nice amount of cheese on this. The sauce was yummy and i really liked the texture of it. But once it was microwaved- it looked scary so i opted to not show you. 🙂 If you need a good frozen entree.. amy is your girl!
But the yumminess of this dish stirred up something in me… like “man, i sure would love something to mop up this good sauce”….
and then the bread monster came out to play
A hugh jass ball of challah dough.

I did the measuring correctly for the braiding and made a baby one for the greedy monster to have right out of the oven.

The baby one was wonderful! and made an excellent mop! 🙂

and the bigger one was perfection. It was baked with the intention of french toast and to be presented to my mother… but i had to test the goods.

impromptu scrambled egg sammie on a sliver of challah….

then brekkie on the go the next day.
By the time mom got the loaf, there was only half left. I swear, I think Mickey jumped up onto my counter, opened the freezer, sliced off a large piece, toasted and buttered it and went back to bed all without me knowing it!
Okay, i wont blame the dog. it was me! I still havent made Challah french toast- its on my list.
But i gave the other half of the loaf to mom and told her to make french toast. But a whiff of fresh bread is too tempting and it was gone just as quickly as mine was. And mom loves me, a lot, but she told me to never make her bread again… it will never last longer than a few hours.
Ah, gotta love us hispanics and our love for fresh bread with a hot cup of coffee!