If you know how to swim, you probably weren’t remotely phased by the downpour that hit the tri-state area over the weekend…I am a great swimmer so getting around over the weekend was easy. JK
In all seriousness- the tsunami that we called “a little rain” was gross and put a damper on some of my weekend plans- BUT NOT ALL of them!
Mari, Missy, and Myself (the three M’s- thanks mari) had planned a girls day a few weeks back filled with Margaritas and Tex Mex… and even as I was cursing the rain while walking my dog, the thought of margaritas was making the day seem beautiful. Especially Margaritas from 5 Burro Cafe.
The three of us met up at 3 pm on Saturday.
I got there first and wasted no time in ordering my poison: Raspberry Margarita. I would have take a fresh pic but I was being scoped out by a couple who was mesmerized by my beverage and were asking me questions about it. I felt whipping out my camera to take a pic of it might be a little weird- best if i have a few glugs and then take pic of it… or wait till Missy got there.
Missy arrived next and sat beside me while her apricot margarita was made. Just as she got her drink, Mari arrived and we got to be seated.

The waiter kindly placed this tempting bowl of tortilla chips and fresh pico de gallo on our table. Having only nibbled on some toast in the morning, i was ready to dive in face-first. I nibbled…okay- maybe i shoved chips into my mouth while glugging a perfectly thick and potent raspberry margarita!
Mari, was a good girl (who gave up meat for Lent) and had a gorgeous Shrimp salad. I always say Im gonna try the salads there… but I feel like if im gonna be at 5 burro, its a SIN to not get the steak.
Missy was also being good and ordered the veggie salad. I have to say this was a gorgeous salad. I love how generous they are with the veggies… and I spotted a huge chuck of avocado in there! nice!
The ladies split a side of house made guac. Clearly, that shit is legit! I would love nothing more that to eat this guac right out of the ramekin with a spoon. But i didnt because this was not my guac and despite what you all think…i do have SOME self control (some!)

But self control went out the window when i ordered my steak tacos…

and when the ladies wanted to take a pic of my food… I’m not an ugly girl but I love taking weird ass pics like this. SMH. This pic is called “a Ravenous Mo”. I was enjoying tender juicy chunks of skirt steak smothered in guac, garlic and onions (kiss me?) and skipped the wraps and dove into my mexican rice and refried beans (musical fruit indeed).
While stuffing my face, my drink needed replenishing:
Ah, thats better! Its important to remember that if you plan on drinking heavily you should have extra protein (preferably meat), since that is the key to alcohol absorption. Since I inhaled my steak I was feeling a nice buzz from my margarita… and the second one sealed the deal.

Thanks Mr. Waiter, for taking a nice pic of us! We are so hot. and tipsy.
We decided to take a walk… and when mari and Missy nearly FLEW away (oh, those skinny girls – jk) we walked into Barnes and Noble which might have been a mistake.
Photo ops. Loud conversations, random giggling and several pee breaks… we got a lot of attention. Too bad i didnt care.

I’m holding the “New York Bartenders Guide” paying homage to my drunkeness. ALL Hail the Margarita!
And since we were in Queens and we are bloggers and we love dessert we walked our sobering behinds to the alley with The Lite Choice.
Can you see my excitement? Cuz Im really excited. Stephanie was there! Our homegirl who took care of us the last time. She remembered us (and probably thought “OH NO, NOT THESE GIRLS AGAIN!) and she took very good care of us!

Peanut Butter Fudge Beyotches!

with oreo topping.

Me and Mari. Mari got the caramel with waffle cone crumbs and Missy got the oreo mix that she loves to pieces.

thanks Stephanie for taking our pic! We had a great time just dishing, and eating out soft serve… we were gonna go back to get a mini margarita from 5 burro (i know- where AA when you need it?) but mother nature turned on me and I got the worst headache of my life. I suffer from seasonal allergies and now that spring is coming I get the worst sinus headaches ever… so i called it a night.
Feeling stuffed and headache-y, mari and I decided to walk most of the 1.5 miles… in the tsunami.

This is what I look like after getting rained on and whipped with high speed winds and a headache.

Stay Tuned… next month the Tres Ammmigas hit up Brooklyn. WATCHOUT BK… we Thirsty!