Hope you’re all not still hungover from my last post… lots of food and booze was had.
If you look outside its absolutely gorgeous outside. This is our reward for putting up with 4 sucky days of rain… but the sun is shining its brightest because Carol is in NY this week! This is probably my favorite week of the year- CAROL WEEK! You may remember Carol from our previous foodie adventures and nights of debauchery … and also LK and Mom on the Run will be here this weekend! Its gonna be insane! I hope i wont need my thanksgiving pants.
One of the events that got cancelled over the weekend was a birthday celebration for my friend Arlenys. I was in the mood to make her something and all she said was chocolate. So i went from there. I wanted quick and easy since I cleaned the hell out of my kitchen and couldnt fathom measuring anything that would create more mess (the monica geller in me) since I am having house guests this week- i opted for boxed mix. i am still afraid to attempt scratch chocolate cake after my last baking incident.

I got my one big bowl of cake mix with all the add ins. Water. eggs. oil. and mixed it all up while i watched Gerard Butler tell Hilary Swank to kiss his arse in P.S. I Love You. After I wiped my eyes, washed my hands, and went back to the kitchen I prepped the cupcake liners.

I got some uber cutie pie ones from Erica over V-day and i was happy to spread the LOVE.

(did you know that one box of cake mix is SUPPOSED to make 24 cupcakes… i must have over filled mine). 20 mins later i had 22 fluffy chocolate cupcakes. I let them cool off for about an hour or however long it took to finish watching P.S. I Love You.

I picked up a plastic baggie and filled it up with some fluffy white frosting… Oh- you have no idea what im about to do… but Its mind blowing (at least to me anyway)

I made a small key hole in each cupcake… (can you see whats coming next? can ya? can ya?)

Yes! I filled the keyhole with frosting! These babies are FILLED! Holy crap!

I put the top back on…

…and frosted. This was quite a big deal for me. I have never even dreamed of filling cupcakes before. I just thought that was something only crumbs could do… but i tried. and I succeeded. I was really happy I was making these for my friend Arlenys on her Birthday! its been a tough year for us… so i was glad to present her with 21 cupcakes that looked like this.

Yes I gave her one less than I originally wanted…I had to show you all the innards ya know??? And for your information…it was so damn good!