Hope you are all still standing. I didn’t partake in the St. Pattys madness this year (or any other year) but the day before that… I did my own partying.
I love to have fun and be social but the 95 year old woman in me HATES crowds. Like the kind of crowds where you cant scratch your nose because there are that many people around you and you cant lift your freakin arm… people this is not a good time- this is an opportunity for some pervert to grind on your ass. (Working in the law enforcement field has changed my life that way. I see crowded subways and think “Oh No! Subway Grinders!” )
In a rare occasion that there is a happy hour after work, i decided to venture out and hope that an hour of fun will not have mickey doing the pee pee dance when i get home (spoiler: she was not dancing when i got home). Before I get into happy hour… lets talk about the disaster: my menu.
I went to work with a mug of hot cafe con leche. It was delicious. So delicious in fact that i forgot to eat my oatmeal. Not a big deal i guess… but when i skip breakfast I subconsciously make up for it later on in the day- NO BUENO.
And almost as soon as i realized i forgot to eat breakfast the 5 year old in my stomach was whining for lunch.
(you should never give in to a whiny child) A tuna and spring green sammie with garlic aioli and a touch of mayo. the bread was sensational (better be if one loaf cost $5) and the tuna was MEH. Not the best quality. When i mixed it up it kind of turned into a paste…not cool cuz i like tuna.

And some pop chips to make it all better. The whiny child stopped whining and I modeled a very funky summer color on my nails that looked really cute in the bottle but a little loud on my olive hands. I like it… but i think it would suit a 16 year old better (did you know 10 years ago I was 16- *crying*)
My coworkers were in the mood to hang and they invited me out. Normally, i take my booty home to cuddle with Mickey but its been a while and this nice weather puts me in a great mood to socialize.
I always go and say “okay guys, but ONLY one drink, k?”
and everyone laughs.
Drink #1

Drink #2
NOT PICTURED Drink #3. The one that was not dirty… and after two dirty martinis, a regular one tastes good enough to glug- which i kinda did… oops

random clicks

This is what I look like on 3 dirty martinis (red and shiny with tingly feet) and an empty stomach. And by the way… the effects of alcohol are killer when you have nothing in your stomach.
I grabbed a coworker who lived near me and asked her to share a cab with me because the thought of a swaying train for an hour really didnt sound like something that would be beneficial to me…. and how nice is is to split a $30 cab ride? (yes, i live far from the city)

When I got out of the cab I made a B line to the best pizzeria on the block.

and got a lil greedy!
And look who couldn’t care less that I came home tipsy and 2 hrs late. (mind the mess in the background)