Hiya Bloggies.
This is the last recap but squishes two days worth of fun into one ginormous pictur-ific post.
Part of the daily thread from Left to Right. Lauren from Healthy Delicious, Rebecca, Sarah from Mom on the Run, Me!, and Carol from Uncovering Food. Not pictured are our californian guests πŸ™‚ But they were takin the pic.
We had almost an entire day to explore. As is annual tradition we hit up Crumbs and new places to eat. How else would Food Bloggers do it, right?
Sarah and Lauren crashed at the MO-tel (AKA my house) and we headed out to Midtown to meet Carol and Co for tea.
Thanks to YELP Carol discovered Radiance Tea. A really cute little place that is all about the ambiance and taking time to enjoy your meal. Its bright and airy and its the perfect place for a 2nd or 3rd date or even a blogger meet up. They dont rush you there. In fact, its the opposite of rush, they take their time with everything so you can enjoy your conversation or even just relax and have a cup of tea.

Sarah, who has a gluten intolerance, ordered the homemade ice cream. Red Bean, Mango and Green tea ice cream with home made toasted almonds. I didnt get to try this but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy this! I did try the almonds and they tasted like cinnamon toast crunch (so good).

Me, sarah, and Lauren decided to order the Radiance tea. Its honey soaked berries and tea… best described as Tea Sangria. This was wonderfully sweet and refreshing. It takes about 20 minutes for tea to be prepared but that was enough time for me to decide what I wanted to order.Carol found a naughty strawberry…
I kept in mind that we were on a walking trip to eat our way thru the city so i tried to keep it light. I wanted a bento box… but i got a few sides instead.

I started with the Lobster Rice ball. Stick white rice, japanese mayo, thinly sliced cukes, and chopped lobster meat. Messy to eat but so incredibly delicious. I should have ordered a million of these. and the pickled ginger was yum too!

Then came my soupy dumplings. I work in chinatown- I love dumplings. I especially love soupy dumplings. 5 soupy dumplings made the perfect sized lunch and didnt over-fill me (if thats even possible). Radiance Tea House and Books on Urbanspoon
We ended up at Dylans Candy Bar…

Where Carol and I found our next boyfriend.

Hes the perfect man. And if he talks too much I can bite his delicious head off.
We wandered around a bit more and found a cheese shop with delicious sheeps milk truffled cheese… but at $25 a pound My cheap ass couldnt buy it. But I did enjoy the samples i stole from Carol. πŸ™‚
While planning our next stop, it somehow led us downtown to wall street to see the Bull.. Carol has a pic of be grabbing the bull by the… ah, why spoil the surprise! Just have to wait and see!
We then walked a few more feet and hopped on the Staten Island Ferry… and so did a million other people. Best Free thing to do in the city at sunset.
Mind the blurry photos. it was really difficult to get a clear pic, but check out that sunset. Gorgeous! Nature is breathtaking!
I was getting really tired and the Ferry was running way late. I started to get a bit cranky. And I was wondering how we were going to accomplish everything before I fainted from exhaustion. Every dinner option we thought of was closed or out of the way. SMH. We decided for sanitys sake to part ways. It was sad seeing them go! I cant wait to see Carol again!
Sarah, Lauren and I ended up on a train that took forever to arrive in Queens. We had several options for dinner but as the time ticked by and we were STILL on the train we made a bee line for the only place still open with good Food. And we had two pitchers of sangria between us.
We left quite tipsy and I discovered when one of us are drunk, she is bilingual and it sure as hell isnt me!
After a shower and comfy pjs we sat around and listed the places we needed to hit tomorrow and made a specific itinerary since the ladies had to travel home at a decent time.
11am: S’Mac
1:30: Mo-Tel
We were too early for Tu-Lu. But she was awesome when we arrived! 10:30 am on the dot we were in the bakery, talking loud, and ordering our goodies. I was thrilled when I saw she had mini cupcakes.

cuz then i can try more- DUH! I grabbed a Chocolate peanut butter, Chocolate Chocolate, and ared velvet….

and for good measure a white cheddar parmesean corn bread. πŸ™‚
The frosting was light and delicious. the cakes were moist and fluffy… I have no gluten sensitivities but Id go back for more. The peanut butter frosting tasted like fresh ground pb with some fluffy frosting folded in. Its was peanutty and wonderful. The red velvet was delish… but the chocolate Chocolate was my favorite…. until i had the corn muffin. AMAZING!

I also split the cinnamon crumb cake with Sarah… seriously- delish!
realizing we still had two food places on the list.. i held my belly. I totally went nuts in Tu-Lu’s (it was worth it!) and walked one block over to S’Mac.

Since i was nearly about to explode, Lauren and I decided to split a sampler while sarah enjoyed gluten free cajun mac.

I have never been so overwhelmed by choices before. But I was happy to try everything. I even discovered new flavors that I liked… La Mancha, Alpine, Neopolitan, and 4 cheese…. in addition to the ones i already loved! We tore that sucka up!
After such a feast we went to pommes frites where the ladies werent too crazy about the dipping sauces (cuz they hate MAYO) and we went to the chocolate place. S'Mac on Urbanspoon
As if that were enough, when we got back to my apartment my mom invited me over for
…and seriously, how could I say no?

I said bye to my ladies but hope they will be back soon! I loved having them!
And yes, im back to counting cals and exercising! LOL