Mickey Loves her some Karen. And I love me some Karen too! So when I checked my calendar and saw that Karen’s Birthday was approaching I asked her what she wanted me to make for her big 25! Her being a Diva and all she wanted me to make something delicious and low cal.
that was easy.
Her favorite low cal thing I ever made was Smitten’s Apple Crisp. She wanted it low cal so i tweaked it a bit to make it so.

cored, chopped and peeled 7 red delicious apples.
…tossed them in 3 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp water, 2 tsp cinnamon and a touch of love for good measure.
For the granola topping, i got a little lazy because I was having company and the minute I attempted to mix it, company rang the door bell. I poured already made granola (thanks Special K) on top of the apples in my baking dish. drizzled with Honey and a drop of maple syrup and baked at 350 for 55 minutes. My apartment welcomed my guest with the smell of apple pie. too bad i didnt make any extra. But Karen was excited with the crisp and said it was just as delicious as she remembered.
thanks Karen- happy birthday Diva!
The following day I decided to take Karen and a few other ladies to a new(ish) Vietnamese place for the Pho… like really really good Pho.
At Nha Hang on Mulberry street, when you are seated they give you complimentary cabbage soup. it was nice and light. had a good flavor… but i didnt need the apertif. I wanted my bowl of soup.

We started with an order of spring rolls. The verdict was that it was delicious but FRIED is a No No for Karen. She made me happy by eating one. 🙂 I ate two. (oink oink)

The other ladies wanted a summer roll. So we ordered a vegetarian summer roll. This was really good! And this place makes a better peanut sauce! My sauce looks like a heart… because I love you all.

Karen ordered the Shrimp Pho and was so incredibly happy with it. She thought the brought was light but very flavorful and the shrimp were cooked to perfection. The rice noodles were delish and god bless the girl, but she stopped herself after eating half the bowl.

Where as I went into my my Beef Pho face first. slurped up my egg noddles and broth and devoured every slice of beef in the bowl. There were about 3 cups of soup in my bowl. And when i was done, i had a full belly with drops of delicious broth left in the bowl. Thats what I leave behind… DROPS! lol. I loved this place and will come back for their red curry soups! mmmm!
When I got back this was on my desk:

St. Josephs cake. Having been born and raised a catholic… and then later converting to Christianity I never really knew what this was or to be honest never even heard of it. But one of my supervisors decided to give me one of these. I ate 1/4 of it and shared the rest. Its pretty! it reminded me of a canoli and a puff pastry together. Not bad.
Have You Ever had Vietnamese? If so, What is your favorite dish?
What do you do if someone gives you a FOOD Gift and you really dont want/need it?