Of all the days in the week, I love Grocery Day. There is no set date on the calendar for Grocery Day but its usually twice a month… or when I run out of milk. I love replenishing my cabinets with foods i love and having actual choies for dinner… and not just eating stuff because its there- i really hate that!
I also acknowledge that the lack of a boyf or roomie has wreaked havoc on my culinary creativity. I have become the single girl. The one who really couldnt care less about making a meal pretty- as long as its edible or even an elaborate meal… as long as I am satiated afterwards. know what I mean? I am less inclined these days to whip up a meal unless i am making it for family or friends. But I best not complain… because I know years from now I will be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen whining about just wanting to be alone and not have to cook for anyone.
Im a woman. I complain. Its what I do best. 🙂 For lunchies, I made a very uninspiring turkey and cheese sammie on the most delicious white bread i have ever had. I do not eat white bread. But I had company a few weeks ago that never showed so I placed this loaf in the freezer. I am happy to say the lovely white bread is finsihed and i wil no longer be tempted by its tastiness.
I got home looking forward to dinner. Since its grocery day, I ordered some mussels from Fresh Direct. I’m less grossed out by them like i was before. I scrubbed the mussels and ran them under some cold water. I de-bearded them (gross) and tapped the ones that were open. I was lucky I got a really good batch. I had ordered 2 lbs of mussels and only about 5 mussels were damaged or dead- IMPRESSIVE.

I set these lovelies in the steamer and got to preppin my sides. I made the entire batch of mussels because i feel funny leaving them raw in the fridge. So best to be safe and cook them before I decide to save them for the next day.

Mom has been RAVING about this side im about to make. I sliced up a zucchini and grilled it with some olive oil and a sprinklin’ of garlic powder.

I also prepped a side salad… Note to self: STOP EATING WITH YOUR EYES!

When zukes were done, i poured a bit of marinara sauce on top and sprinkled with parm cheese and part skim mozz. I nuked it for a few secs to let the cheese melt. I snuck a taste. WOW. Like lasagna minus the noodles. Mom is a big fan of this dish since shes on weight watchers and follows the point system. this monster bowl of “pasta” comfort is about 2 or 3 points or around 175 cals if you are calorie counting.

When my mussels were done, I de-shelled the ones i was going to devour later and tossed them in marinara (mmm) and then got to clicking the beauty shots.

Big Dinner! Like HUGE dinner. Mussels are packed with protein so this left me feeling REALLY full. so full that I ate abut 1/4 of my zukes and 1/2 of my salad. (they made for great leftovers the next day! )
Whats a really easy seafood dish that you love to pieces because its so easy AND delish!?

(BY THE WAY- Food Snob needs a roommate… email me if you know someone or want in)