No, i didn’t drink red wine for breakfast. But don’t you ever put it past me. If I was thirsty enough I sure as hell would enjoy some red wine for breakfast…however, mom might dial AA upon the discovery of such madness- and now that she might be reading this i should note: I am not now nor have I ever been an Alcoholic. I just get REALLY thirsty.
When Carol was in NYC, we made a trip to Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods but my wallet doesn’t – however, on the rare occassion I will find something that doesnt put me in the POOR HOUSE and is actually quite nice. I was nursing a serious sinus headache (AGAIN) and sought refreshment. Embodi was on the top shelf in the fridge section and had a coupon attached. Discount. I’m sold. I selected the Goji berry Flavor of this juice blend that provided all the benefits of red wine without the alcohol… (OMG, Mom! Red Wine is GOOD FOR ME- Hang up on AA!) This was delicious. I am not a juice drinker per se (who wants to WASTE CALORIE INTAKE!) but this was delightful. Don’t know about the other flavors but I really enjoyed this and would likely buy it again (if it were on sale).

Wasn’t really hungry so i had some fruit leather… peep the new nail color. I dont like it. it chips way too much.

For lunch I had to whip up something light (and tasty) and I really had no clue as to what i wanted to make so i grilled 6 shrimp…

Microwaved some veggies in sauce (what was I thinking). This portion of veggies is supposed to be for two and is 50 cals a serving… you are looking at 100 cals of veggies. Puny. microwaved veggies. Never buying again!

Threw the shrimp on top of it. Its about 200 cals worth of food. I must have been on crack to beleive that would fill me up….

So I ate an entire eggplant when i got home. Okay. not the whole thing… more like 75% of it.

Grilled the eggplant. Smothered it in my fave marinara sauce, Fat free mozzarella cheese, and parm cheese. Nuked it.

and ate it all up. Seriously delicious. Its eggplant parm without the breading and the grease! Probably not advisable to eat one whole eggplant by yourself (=tummy aches) but so delicous and filling you might just want to anyway.
Anyone Thirsty today? Its Friday and that means HAPPY HOUR.