5 Burro. I would miss being able to walk to 5 Burro Cafe. Its so sad to admit, but i have been there at least once a week for the past 3 months… Yes. The hostess doesnt know my name just yet but shes got that familiar “Heeeey” going on… you know the really long “Heeey” you say when the name of the person you are greeting escapes you? I am very fond of the long “hey”. Anywho. I had a friend come visit me and he wanted to thank me for letting him crash on my couch so he offered to take me out… and since 5 burro cafe, in my opinion is an impressive little hole in the wall I suggested we go there for lunch.
I want to gush for a second about my new Sigg Bottle! YAY! I need to drink more water. I had to toss my camelbac and this was the next best thing! LOOOOVE IT!

For breakfast, I wasnt very hungry and I knew that I was going to be eating a large Linner… so i made myself a fancy cafe con leche with foam and bit of cinnamon! Dee-Lish! For any Keurig owners, my old roomie just told me there is a new “steaming wand” attachment… im all over it. I will report back with my findings.
At 5 burro cafe….

I got a cool toy. I must say I am disppointed to note that lately, the toys have been few 😦 They need to get on that ASAP. I got my raspberry margarita.
My friend made a fuss about the margs being frozen and opted out of a straight up margarita.

So he got the shark attack. I have never tried it…nor have I had any desire to try it other than the fact that I wanted a shark to add to my collection. (the shark is in my possession as we speak). My friends verdict: Not good.
I was shocked. I probably should have tried it just so i can say for myself if it was good or not. The description of the beverage escapes me but there were quite a few elements in there… and he said you could taste every single one of them.
that doesn’t sound right.
Having skipped breakfast i ordered the steak fajitas. What the hell else would i order? As a matter of fact I FINALLY gave in to getting a salad over the weekend and my other guests talked me out of it. I WILL GET A SALAD! I WILL GET ONE EVENTUALLY! I made my friend taste the steak. He was slightly impressed.
That pissed me off.
I know this blog is called Food Snob. I know that I talk shit about a few places every now and again but when someone talks shit about something I know is GOOD- i get a little offended. Its one thing not to like something – which you have every right not to like but its quite another to tear apart every single part of the meal, the drinks, the establishment and etc when you are taking someone to their favorite place. That joint was MY choice. Rather than let him bug me, I bit my lip and continued to munch away and thanked the heavens that he and I are nothing more than friends.
He ordered the Enchiladas with Mole Sauce. My mom ordered the enchilidas last time she was there and she didnt like them- her idea of enchilidas are more like burritos smothered with sauce and cheese. The mole sauce tasted creamy and smoky. But I didnt recommend them. he ordered them anyway and ate 1/4 of it. *shrug*
Everyone is different. I cant twist his arm to make him like something and its not the first time I have taken someone somewhere and they didnt love the food as much as I did. I acknowledge this…maybe he was trying to impress me with his knowledge of food since he knew i would blog about the things I eat.
Who knows! after we left we were having a conversation about going out again and he shocked the shit out of me when he said he would go back to 5 burro because he liked it..
I just booked an appointment with the doctor to check my hearing. Coulda sworn he hated the place- but whatever. Hes gonna go back? Score one for Mo Diva!
Later that evening, I went home after a day of window shopping and sinus headaches and remembered i had some goodies from whole foods.

A giant bottle of lambics, “red wine”, and discount cheddar cheese.

Dont mind if I do…. i helped myself to the entire bottle of lambics. Its raspberry beer that should be avoided when you are thirsty. It tastes like soda… and I chugged the first half of this.

along side my cheap cheese and pita chips. My hangover the next day was indescribable. And when i went to visit my mother she opened the fridge and offered me a glass of lambics… i am still woozy at the sight of this stuff. haha
Stay Dry sweeties!