Still sick. I am now accepting any and all home remedies for this horrendous cough. the weird thing is that I feel pretty good… other than the cough. Last night I had a fever and had the weirdest dream involving a dead rapper and how I was his wife. It was soooo weird.
But I am awake. I am still coughing and my behind is at work.
I know, im one of THOSE people.
Last night I was craving carbs. The thing that spells comfort when im sick is carbs. Something about the texture of it just feels good. Cant explain it. I had some mushrooms that were nearing death and I decided on a spicy stirfry with some steamed brown rice.
I started by marinating the mushroomd in honey, soy sauce, red pepper flakes and a bit of rice wine vinegar.

I then threw them in a hot skillet and began sauteeing the mushrooms in sesame oil. I kept tweaking the ingredients. A little garlic here, more hot stuff here.. The end resulted in a thick sauce that was sweet and spicy at the same time.

Added some grilled zukes to the mix. The rice was definite comfort. it was a bit sticky which is ultimately how i like rice when im sick. The sauce was awesome that was a perfect balance of sweet and spicy… and the spicy cleared my slightly stuffy nose. 🙂
My coworker went to India a few weeks ago and brought me back some Chai!


SPICY Chai! Loved it! loved it! Loved it! Especially with some frothy vanilla soy milk!