I’m a little late on my posts now… someone had to get the FLU. All this time I thought it was a cold, but on Tuesday night on the way home from work I got the worst body aches and pain that I have had in a ver long time. Not having had the flu since 2004 (yes, i remember the last time i had the flu) I laid in my bed tuesday night and felt discomfort from the feeling of my clothes on my skin and an insane discomfort from the breeze touching my skin. I wish I would have taken my temperature…. but judging by the hallucinations I had during the few hours that I managed to fall asleep, Im guessing my temperature was somewhere in the 100’s. I slept virtually ALL day yesterday and all night last night thanks in part to Theraflu and codeine.
I sit here just a little stuffy and coughing here and there but feeling a lot better than i did tuesday night.
My entire family was hit with a shit storm, between hospital visits, weird ailments, and surgeries… my poor mother made me swear to all that is holy on this Good Friday that next year i will get the flu shot. I am saying it here for the sake of my mothers sanity, I swear I will get the Flu shot next year, OKAY??? People. Dont let me get away with not getting it next year, ya dig?

Back to our regularly scheduled blog…
LAST week was dads birthday. It totally snuck up on me this year and ironically, dad’s birthday turned ended up being on our designated lunch date! Easy Peasy! I told dad he can go wherever he wanted for lunch (as long as it was within lunch hour time limits) and he chose his favorite place: Spaghetti Western. AS long as it was his choice and it made him happy- then Im happy too.

Birthday poppa! This dude is 57 years old. God Bless him!
He chose his favorite too. The margherita Pizza. Shaking My Head. BORING. I was sure he was gonna order something insane and extravagent but my pop kept it simple. I, on the other hand…

wanted something fancy. I ordered the grilled atlantic salmon with herbed potatoes and roasted veggies. The salmon was cooked perfectly and the chef left the skin on for a delightful crunch to go with the tenderness of the fish. It was speckled with capers and olives and yes, i ate everything. it was awesome!Spaghetti Western on Urbanspoon
I offered to get dessert but he was stuffed from the pizza (and I was too after that large lunch) so we said our goodbyes while I conjured up a plan for after work.
At the time I picked up the goods… i was feeling really really tired (signs of illness!) but i pressed on and headed to the three S’s for some birthday cake. Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery was on the way to my parents house so i stopped by after work and picked up some goodies.
A chocolate bomb for myself! thank ya!

A honkin’ slice of red velvet for papa dukes…

A slice of ooey gooey for mama snob… and 2 sexy red velvets for later…
When i got to my parents house i unpacked all the goodies and started a pot of coffee. I realized while unpacking that my sexy red velvets were no where to be found. I left them at the bakery or rather, they left them out of my shopping bag 😦 I called them and they were nice about issuing a refund. But dammit- i wanted my sexy red velvets!
The slab of red velvet, for dad was good… but he said it was even better when he had some with his coffee.
The ooey gooey was really rich and mama snob had a few bites and couldnt finish the rest. it was a rich devils food cake and had an almond frosting on top. I really wanted to get her a yellow cake with chocolate frosting but they were out. boo! Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Urbanspoon
My chocolate bomb was sinful and lasted me a few days. (sign #2 of illness: loss of appetite).
Any way kiddos, I hope you have a great Easter weekend and Check back in next week for a great GIVEAWAY! yay!!!