Last night I had plans to hit up my favorite little mexican Spot in Queens with one of my favorite Divas. We have had these plans for 3 weeks. And each week, we have been taking turns cancelling and rescheduling. Life happens! So Karen, if you are reading this… lets just make our date a spontaneous one so we dont have a chance to cancel, k, pumpkin?
Luckily, Missy and Mari had made plans and extended an invite. The plan was to FINALLY go to Ginza. So I jumped aboard.
I was running late but when i met up with the girls, we had an interesting commute to the far away land of west bubble fuck. Our stomachs were growling, the night sky was emerging… and we needed to get some sushi – ASAP.
When we arrived, Missy and i ordered a light beer each with a large pitcher of Sake. According to my sushi teachers way back when, they told me it was best to enjoy sushi with japanese beer to avoid a rice on rice situation (rice wine vs seasoned sushi rice)

Pitcher of hot sake. Also note, that if you want to make Sake at home- you can make really good sake using a cheap brand of rice wine…since when you heat it up they all pretty much taste the same. (I am currently sipping from my Hello Kitty Sigg… it looks like the sake pitcher… SWEET)

Sake shot (times 3)
We started with the Octopus Salad.

Never had octopus salad at a japanese place… and we were all sharing everything so worse comes to worse, i can just taste it and move along to the other stuff… But there was no moving on. The salad was amazing. The octopus was the perfect texture and had a nice chewy texture. It was also spicy and reminded me of Kimchi. I love Kimchi so this was fab. We might have politely fought over the octopus but I blame the hunger.

Our rolls arrived. We got Godzilla roll, Leeky four, and a tuna avocado with brown rice. The first two were either fried or topped with spicy mayo… but brown rice makes it healthy!

I trekked to Ginza for the Godzilla roll. I have never met a kind of sushi I didnt like. And I really enjoyed this one. I mean, really, who doesnt love anything thats DEEP FRIED. Dont ask me whats in it… all i can say is “Got anymore?”

Next up was the Leeky four… I let Mari do all the ordering so again- the innards escape me. But I will say “HOLY SHIT thats a spicy roll!” Very spicy but very YUM.

I also had my favorite roll… the salmon avocado roll. Classic. Delish. and healthy for real. We were either really hungry or we didnt see how 3 rolls would not be enough for the three of us…

So we got two more. Shrimp Tempura Roll and the Amanda roll [edit: i can’t fool you guys… thank you to those that paid attention to Mari’s post. I noted it as an ALLISON roll, but I stand corrected! I had the female A name going for me. Conclusion: I am an idiot] I kept forgetting that Mari is not a fish person so when I suggested another salmon avocado roll… i took it back and let her do the ordering. When it comes to sushi, anything goes for me.

At some point, Missy and I realized that we both love pickled ginger and we had to ask for more. MMM. and yay for Digestion!

the shrimp tempura roll had sweet potato inside. Party in my mouth! and the A[manda] Roll was a very long ingredient list… and my first roll with mango. Very interesting. in a good way.

Mari liked it too… aint this a great candid shot?

and as our bellies reached capacity, the lone A[manda] piece sat. Almost at the same time Missy and Mari said “Go, Mo”. And I took one for the team. We got some pineapple. YUMs.
We got a pic on our way out and the chef joined us!
Overall: I had a great time with the girls. I really enjoyed the different rolls and will say that you cant go to Ginza if you are starving unless you know for sure what you want. They have the largest menu at a sushi joint that i have ever seen. But if you love choices and variety, this place is definitely for you. They have very unique rolls, some created by their patrons (hence, the A[manda] roll) and the staff is amazingly friendly! Our waitress cracked me up on several occassions.. and i think if i ever went back into the food industry I would want to be like her. Witty, charismatic, and friendly!
Would I go back? Yes… but only if the bus comes on time!
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