My friend Jen always does something awesome for her birthday…and with her 21st birthday looming for the 6th year in a row, she decided to plan a girls day at the spa. And me, needing a little R & R, i jumped at the opportunity!

Spa Castle is an adult waterpark of sorts. Its located in Carajo land College Point Queens and is a pain the ass  a little bit difficult to get to if you don’t have a car. For those who can’t cab it, Spa Castle has shuttle service from Flushing Queens every 30 mins. Lucky for me, my group scored a ride! (Thanks Alexis!!!)

Originally, when i decided I was going to go to Spa Castle, I was going to get a massage….but after doing some research I decided to just pay the general admission and enjoy all the regular stuff!

Knowing that a lot of people wanted me to give them feedback on this place I decided to conduct my own review of the place. And please note: I paid for everything I partook in. Spa Castle did not ask me to do this review… and photos will be non-existent as it was almost impossible to carry a camera around in this place…

At around 2:30 pm, i arrived with 3 other ladies and checked in. Upon check in you hand over $45 and in return you get a “watch”. This watch has a 4 digit number on it that serves as your ID. It is the number of your locker, its the lock for your locker, its also your method of payment for spa services.  You get your watch and head over to the locker room. Men on one side and women on the other. The 4 of us entered the enormous locker room and were greeted by tits and ass… literally. Women were walking around completely comfortable in their own skin. It was a bit shocking. But i settled in and was handed a pink tshirt with pink shorts, and a tooth brush. I put on my bathing suit and my pink duds.

After I changed, my friends and I took a look around. In the locker room, there was a shower room equipped with heated pools. It was known as the naked room. Having just got there, we decided to go all the way up and work our way down. On the top floor, we hit the outdoor pool. Jet Streams, bubbles, hot water, and the hot sun on my face! Lovely! There were 3 pools and we hit every single one of them before we hit our first sauna. The Cave room. At 108* it was really hot in there. we stood for about 5 mins before we headed to the aqua bar.

Yes I said BAR. It was a bar inside a heated pool. I treated myself using my watch as payment to a Mudslide. A rich, $14, overpriced, and gritty mudslide. At least the pool was heated. The awesome part were the jetstreams in the hot tub that shot out ice cold water… hello sensory heaven.  We then found ourselves in another hot tub that featured lounge chairs with jetstreams in the back and bottom of the chair. I ended up on a chair that had REALLY strong jetstreams that stung the shit out of me. I felt like i was being pinched on the backs of my thighs…when i moved to another spot, i enjoyed it much more.

By this time, it was about 5 pm and my buddies and i were starting to get a little hungry. But we walked on to the sauna floor. A-MAZING. We hit the ICE room first. 41 degrees. Ice covering the walls and ceiling. I sat there in my shorts and wet bathing suit and felt deliciously cool. It was not as cold as you would think. There was no wind to mess with the temps and it was a nice cool down. We then hopped into various hot rooms. The salt room was 180 degrees, then the other rooms ranged from 100- 130 degrees. I spent some time in the color therapy room, where its heated to 130 degrees but you can choose the color you sit in. Red, Blue, Green, Gold, and something else LOL. I chose the Green because it was said to ease stress and sooth your emotions…I dont think i spent enough time in there… lol

We walked by a sleeping floor that was heated on one side and cooled on the other…but i can sleep at home for free. Massage chairs which were always occupied- so i skipped it. We followed the sound of our rumbling bellies to the spa kitchen. There was a smoothie stand, a salad bar, starbucks, sushi bar, and some american food. I went for the sushi. 5 pieces of sushi with a tuna roll for $16. and a free bland miso soup.

After our “dinner”, the other ladies had scheduled massages and i had some time to kill before my ride showed up… and thats when i got brave.

I went to the naked room. At first i wanted to die. But I warmed up to it after I sat in a hot tub that  was 115*…i have a feeling that I didnt have much choice in warming up to anything in that hot ass water! and I was also wearing a handkerchief small towel over my lady bits…Next to the hot tubs were rows of showers and at some point I decided to get up and leave because the peripheral view of older ladies scrubbing their bodies like they hadnt bathed in years was getting uncomfortable. I left the naked room where my chicken friends noticed how RED i was…. apparently i scorched my skin in the human soup bowl hot tub.

When I checked out of the spa, my closing tab was $30. Overall, i spent $75 to eat sushi and get naked. Did I like it? I did! I really did! Will I go back? Definitely! But there are some things I liked and didnt like


+ the staff are very accomodating

+ the atmosphere is very serene and comforting… to the point where the prudest person might go to the naked room and enjoy it

+ the hot tubs

+ the saunas

+great for couples! (once ur out of the locker room that is)

+even better for same sex couples


– The prices! $45 is fine for general admission… but $14 for a small sub par drink that cost more than my platter of SUSHI?? Ridonk!

– kids. there were kids everywhere. even in the naked room!

– No towels. i had soggy pants from walking around in my wet bathing suit


I do intend on returning on a weekday as I hear its DEAD and a huge decrease in children. If you make your trip to spa castle you will need a swimsuit, a towel, a large spending budget, and some friends to keep you company in the naked room!