Did you wake up looking like a goldfish today? If not, you’re lucky. Can I move to a land with ZERO pollen? can i? please? There is a tree right outside my bedroom window. and there was pollen dust all over the windowsill. My prescription meds aren’t strong enough this year so i doubled up on my doses… if you dont hear from me after today- send my mother over! LOL!
After my 2nd dose of anti-histamines- i am feeling much much better.
Anyone know any homeopathic remedies for allergies? someone mentioned accupunture or going to the Chiro… if it helps I will run there!
I had a great weekend. Went to Spa Castle with my friends and provided an indepth look into my day at the spa…complete with tits and ass. LOL. If you are still a reader after all that then you really love me…
speaking of love
Look who LOVES looking at herself. “Mommy, whos that pretty doggy?”
The other day, I left work early to be with my secret lovah. We only had an afternoon to hang out so of course I ran outta work like a bat outta hell! We ended up at the spanish place by my house called Tu Casa and stuffed our faces with shredded roast pork, arroz moro and platanos with lots and lots of green sauce… at some point I reached for the green sauce thinking it was my soda and nearly took a chug. Safe to say, i realized it before i regretted it. After our spanish feast we took a train ride Midtown while Mickey went to my friend Patti’s for a play date (doggy diva!). Right off the train we spotted something sweet. And i couldnt resist. You know my heart belongs to Crumbs… and Sugar Sweet Sunshine but I couldn’t IGNORE Magnolia Bakery when they had a full supply of red velvet cupcakes! The regular cupcakes they have do not make me happy…but the red velvet I ate was actually delicious and texturally wonderful! So Food Snob Likes Magnolias Red Velvet Cupcakes ONLY. See the crazed look in my eyes? thats the power of the red velvet.

The following day I woke up early and totally forgot to eat breakfast (shocking, i know) so midday was STARVING. I had an image of a spa omlette but my pan was being a retard and i couldnt execute it properly. I ended up with runny eggs, avocado, a mini bagel and two slices of ham…oh yea and coffee and sugar sweet pineapples.

yuuum! Luckily that big brunch at home filled me up till late in the evening when I also forgot to eat. Seriously, i might have been Ill. Like, how do you FORGET TO EAT? So, around 830 ish i ordered some take out.

Sushi never disappoints! never! Unless of course you hate sushi, but i think thats a personal problem.
The wonderful Patti, whom baby sat my Mickey girl was kind enough to go all the way to Corona Queens to bring me back a giant pressie…

Oh sweet Cheeses! This is a childhood favorite and as I sat on my bed eating my rainbow ice, i reminisced on the good ol days when i had no bills, no responsibilities and a LOT of fun!
Anything exciting happen over the weekend?
Emily over at the Hungry Loft is having a giveaway to help raise money for a darling little boy that has just been diagnosed with Luekemia at the age of 2. It breaks my heart to know there is a little boy out there, cute as a button by the way, who is undergoing chemo and and various surgeries. For every dollar donated, Emily is going to issue an entry to win a gift basket along with some other goodies (crofters, shoe wallets, etc). All she is asking for is $1 via paypal. If you cant donate, please spread the word!