Who’s Bobby? Bobby Flay.
I didn’t REALLY have a date with him but i had a date with friends at his restaurant. So, by rules of seperation I had a date with Bobby and I’m gonna keep telling myself that. He is the only white boy I’d forsake all others for. A man that can cook… thats my kinda man (and yes, i know he’s hated most among food network chefs… but I think they just jealous of his grillin skizzles)
I digress.
Sarah and Co. were near the Mo-Tel (aka- my house) and called me Sunday morning telling me to get my booty ready for brunch in Manny Hanny. Had it not been for Miss Mickey giving me a reason to do laundry on a Sunday Morning I would have been ready in no time… but Fam on the Run are some patient peeps.
We hopped on a train. Walked into the beautiful Mesa Grill and were told there was a 1.5 hour wait. DIABLO. But since we had some stops to make in the vicinity we put our names on the list and took a walk.
On this date, we did our dessert first. Not even on purpose, we walked by The Lite Choice and had decided on the spot we should grab a nosh… since we had almost 2 hours to kill waiting for Bobby to make room for us at his place. And since a small of pretty much anything on the menu is around 100 calories, we figured what the hell- we got walking to do, we’ll burn this off in no time. I got the Columbian Coffee with Carob chips. I liked the flavor but i thought it could have been LESS SOUPY. Because this cup of soft serve was really coffee soup. It wasnt just mine, the Fam on the Run had the same consistency. Oh wellz.
We walked to first avenue for Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free bakery.

Sarah and I went there a few weeks ago with Lauren and still rave about the mini cupcakes and jalapeno corn muffins. Not having a sensitivity to gluten I have no problem going to a regular bakery- but tu-lus is awesome! like so awesome! and I should have felt guilty buying the last two corn muffins- but i didnt. And we were disappointed that Tully wasnt there… but she was away and shes a sweetie- she deserves to get away every now and again, right? yeah. And there was a new item on the menu: Brown Sugar Lemonade. Tasted very much like an iced tea lemonade.
when we made our way back to 5th Avenue, our table was ready. We were seated upstairs and given ginormous menus.
I was torn. I wanted to try the stuffed poblano…and the enchiladas… and the burger and the grits. But the waitress said the burger was great and so did Sarah and Co. So I decided to go for the burger and a side of the “famous” grits.

Bobby sent over some sweet breads with a smoky and sweet jalapeno jam. I might have sampled half of everything in the basket and smothered it in jam. It was goood. But then this came to my table…

and I wasn’t ready…. need a better image, no problem! A huge beef burger with cheese, caramelized onions, spring greens on a buttery seeded roll.

Like LITERALLY the size of my face! Bobby must really love me… or really love burgers. Im guessing the latter.

also, a BOATLOAD of “GRITS”… looked more like potato salad. And if i may say so, these were the weirdest “grits” i have ever tasted. As you know, i love grits; but these? NO. I do not love these grits Bobby! The grains are on crack or something! those lumps in the grits…those are the grits! And they tasted garlicky and kinda loaded with mayo. I love mayo but not in this dish. tasted like warm potato salad… but with a weird aftertaste.
But enough about the bad stuff lets get back to the glory that is my burger

i was working really hard on this baby. And on my 2nd half i discovered the mustard. Oh the Mustard. it was a yellow mustard with the burning nostril sensation one would find when having a little bit too much Wasabi. It was glorious.
One might also want to know how i did on the monstrosity:

I eated it…and I eated it GOOD. I can have fries any day so i left those behind and the grits were gross so i devoured that sucka. And hell yes, when I feel the urge to consume and entire cow, I will head over to MESA Grill. Thanks Bobby! (and Thanks to Sarah and Co for being so AWESOME!)
When I got home, still digesting my baby cow, I went to unpack my gluten free goodies… i had heard they melted a bit when left out for too long…

and by the big stain in the box… i knew i was too late.
RIP baby cupcakes. The chocolate peanut butter was completely a mess… and thats what created the stainage on the box. the red velvet and the chocolate chocolate though were saved.
The Vegan Brownie survived.
As did the cheddar jalapeno corn muffin!

I had a great day with Sarah and Co and i am so happy to have been able to try a new restaurant with her and her fam! They are some good eaters! and I love good eaters!
Is there a restaurant on your list of “I Want To Go To There”? Or are you jealous of my monstrosity of a burger? You can be both – its okay.
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