It’s back to the gym I go. I have sucessfully gone to the gym two times… and I am starting to feel lazy… but I think I just need a good nights sleep, yes?
I dragged my sorry butt out of bed after I snoozed a million times, (when did those extra 5 minutes get so short?) and really couldn’t find that pep in my step as i got ready for work. I literally had just made my train to the city before I was deemed LATE (GASP! I HATE BEING LATE). Anywho. In my hurry to leave, i forgot to pack brekkie.
But Starbucks had a perfect oatmeal along with a perfect cup of coffee and it was a perfect combo…especially with the brown sugar. mmmm.
Thankfully the night before i threw together a mess of a salad. With avocado becuase I have like 6 avocados in my fridge… (might have to make some sushi to get rid of said avocados)

Just a mess of spring lettuce, avocado, and alfalfa sprouts. but i wanted a little bit more

so i tossed some steamed tilapia on top and drizzled some Newmans Own Ranch dressing on top! Excellent Salad..i must say.
Then I hit the tanning salon. And then the gym. had no time for laundry (those Jersey Shore boys didnt have the busy schedule like me and I dont have the fundage for drop off service) I worked out on an empty stomach. Some say good, some say bad. I say I was ravenous when i got home.

and couldnt wait to eat my toast. See my red cheeks? I spent a few mins too long in the tanning bed. And you are probably saying “But Mo, why tan? You are hispanic… aint ya naturally a little tan?”
NO! What you see is an illusion. Its bronzer. Lots of it. I will say that Im not as light as most… but i like a lil honey to my skin, know what i mean jelly bean?
I had no idea what to make for dinner. I wanted something quick, easy and yummy.
so i made a veggie omlette with salsa, avocado and a buttered arnold sandwich thin. When in doubt…breakfast foods can save the day. My goal was to make the plate at or around 400 cals… SO i can have dessert:

a smidgen of Mari’s Protein Cookie dough. 1/2 scoop of Light Muscle Milk, 1 spoon of peanut butter and a little water, stir stir stir. YUMMY for all the chocolate lovers out there. and suuuper filling.
I got on Mari’s case in the past about her obsession with the cookie dough but now i can see clearly. Its the perfect post workout snack.
Is there a food/drink that you have discovered thanks to a blogger? If so what is it and where can i find it?
A lot of the Tags for this site are malfunctioning and over the last year I have started taggin differently so bookmark your fave recipes. From now until whenever i will be re-tagging everything and creating a HEALTHY tag for all those that emailed me about it (cuz im not healthy ALL THE TIME…but i try to be)