Last Night Mickey and I decided to take a long walk. We didn’t really have an agenda per se but I ended up on Mari’s block and surprised her. I brought her a small pressie and got to hang out at the casa de namastemari. Had a great time with her and can’t wait to drop in on her again soon. 🙂 (Mari, consider this your warning lol)
Looking forward to the weekend… I have some much needed sleep to catch up on!

For Brekkie, I enjoyed this lovely lovely chobani. Something was missing. It was fine on its own but it needed a lil something more. As noted yesterday about how much i disliked my yogurt in my oats, i decided to add a heaping spoon of PB. I have not been able to satisfy my peanut butter cravings… must be because i am running out of the stuff. I LOOOOVED PB in the yogurt. Not pictured cuz i hoovered it. It reminded me of the peanut butter soft serve at the Lite Choice!

Lunch time I had my usual avocado and hummus sammy on Ezekial Bread. I switched up my hummus from Red Pepper to Spinach Artichoke. I think i found my new crack. I really really enjoyed the spinach artichoke flavored Hummus and thought it went better with the avocados. I also had a cup of progresso light beef stew. Probably didnt need the soup. I was really stuffed. But it was cold in the office so it warmed me up a bit.
I was dreaming of my dinner ALL day.

Zucchini fries. I love zucchini. When I slice them into fries, i stirfry them till they are crisp tender- oh so good! Anyone ever try roasting this bad boy??? let me know!

Skirt Steak. I scored an amazing deal on skirt steak… can you beleive the pic above was sold as ONE piece of steak??? MADNESS! I managed to get 4 servings out of that monster!

Paired it with one of Tu-Lu’s jalapeno cheddar corn muffins! Awesome dinner!
For dessert i wanted something cakey…
and now that i have chocolate protein powder in my possession I decided to try the Protein Cake that all the bloggers are lovin these days. I dont know who started it but i have seen it on Naomi’s blog, Mari’s blog, and Julie’s blog… etc etc.

To make protein cake you need : 1 tbsp of canned pumpkin or applesauce, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 egg white, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1 splenda.
Stir it up. And microwave for one minute.
When its done top with peanut butter or jam… or whatever you want.

Verdict: not bad for 100-something calories… and really filling. Will def make again!
Any big plans for the weekend?
Any Ideas on how to use my TUB of protein powder?