When i purchased 5 avocados last week (on sale) it didnt occur to me that I can only eat so many avocados at a time. Nor did it occur to me that they could spoil before the week was up. I was thinking long and hard (twss) about what to do with 3 avocados sitting in my kitchen and as my lunch was delivered i thought SUSHI. In my past sushi making adventures (and this fun day) my mistakes in prep were making too many things at once and the process ends up taking HOURS! With an idea brewing in my mind, i sent Mari a text asking her if she was free. When she said yes I offered to teach her how to make sushi. She accepted the challenge.
She walked in the pouring rain.
And when she came upstairs, I had most of hte prep work ready. I handed her an apron and then all things sushi went out the window when this charmer bewitched mari.
This is Mari’s foot, Mickeys toy and a panting a Dog who kept bringing her toy back to Mari for Mari to throw. Fetsch turned to baby talk and baby talk led to cuddling. Mickey even fell asleep in Mari’s arms. Doesnt it just make you sick?

Here I am. Hardworking. SLAVING over my sink prepping sushi vegetables. Mari snapped pics and asked some questions… but i dont think she remembers much- only that next time she comes over shes bringing a duffle to steal Mickey.

I am getting my sushi station ready for rolling the sushi. Prior to that I sliced up some cucumbers and avocados, cooked and seasoned sushi rice, and defrosted some Kani (fake crab stick)

I kept a bowl of water nearby to prevent the sticky rice from building up on my beautiful man hands.

I am coating a slice of roasted nori with seasoned sushi rice. then flipping it over becuase Mari prefers the inside out roll.

I add a healthy spoonful of spicy mayo, kani…

cucumber and avocado to make a spicy california roll….

Roll it up.


And slice with a sharp knife.

plate… and eat the ugly ones – for quality assurance.

All for the sake of pretty sushi. We sat down to a lovely sushi dinner and my friend Patty came over with a HUGE bottle of white Zinfandel…

and these….

and these.
Mari was being really good and refused the cupcakes but helped herself to a chocolate covered strawberry. as did I. It was wonderful. I also had a red velvet cupcake. And managed to nibble on some of these babies throughout the weekend. They are still in my posession- a little indulgence here and there is healthy! (in moderation of course!)
If I invited you over to learn how to make sushi… would you play with my dog instead? I think there are more sushi lessons in my future if I can find some willing students.