Almost an entire decade ago (breathing into a paper bag) I went to High School. How the hell am I old enough to have been out of school for that long? I am telling myself that the mathematics is wrong and I am still a spring chicken who could eat doritos and a pepsi (not diet) for breakfast and not have to run 5 miles to burn it off. We all know that would be lovely… I am still adjusting to adulthood obviously…and REALITY.
Thanks to the Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with all the wonderful people from my past that otherwise would have just slipped away from me forever… Megan is one of those people. Doncha just love those notifications “[so and so] Wants to Be Your Friend”? After accepting her request moons ago, i noticed her love for my favorite drink: alcohol, and a love for my favorite meal of the day: brunch. Through status updates and photos we finally decided that the two of us needed to get together to have alcohol at noon… what better way to accomplish this than via BRUNCH.
Meg, knowing about this blog, gave me full permission to pick a place – me being a “snob” and all… and really snob is not the right word for me but i didnt think that “lover of all foods” was as catchy a title a year ago when i decided to start this blog. But eater, lover of foods, and maybe even a Foodie, I couldn’t for the life of me pick a place. Must be old age. So I went to my new favorite gadget: YELP. I went to yelp and i wrote CHEAP BRUNCH (exciting, I know) because some places in NYC have REALLY REALLY expensive brunch thats really NOT worth The PRICE TAG… and after seeing all the comments and ratings I made my decision.
Meg approved. And even better- she had been there before (but not for brunch). Ten years later, we are still adorable as hell.

Cafe Orlin in the East Village is deceptively large with a small main dining area that has two other connecting dining areas. The tables are small and close together and the menu has but two pages. I heard Rave Reviews about pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon yogurt but space cadet..i mean Meg, had to make an unexpected trip right before our scheduled date (but i should note that I was the first to botch our plans… so we are even, k meg?) With all that had transpired we both wanted one thing right when we sat down.

DRINKS! I ordered a chocolate martini and Megan ordered a white wine. Its been ages since I had a chocolate martini! and i know the calorie count is ridic, but I really wanted one and this one looked was good to the last drop…

Our food arrived. Meg ordered a penne dish with a cream sauce, with sundried tomatoes, chicken and mushrooms. I stole a bite and was in carb heaven. the pasta was perfectly cooked and the sauce wasn’t too heavy. It needed some bread for sopping up creamy goodness… But Meg was satisfied with her pasta. She also had a side of healthy steamed veggies. 🙂 shes a good role model.

I ordered the goat cheese sandwich. Crispy baguette stuffed with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, eggplant, zucchini and carmelized onions. Definitely a mouthful- even for my big mouth! I took the sandwich apart and ate it with my fingers. Each layer of it was wonderful- and my fries were awesome. I kinda touched the salad but mostly the fries. and the bread. and the cheese. mmm. It was great.
Meg and I were having such a good time we decided to go for round 2…

I had such a great time catching up with Meg. She doesn’t work too far from me and we both promised to not wait another 10 years before we hungout again. We discovered we both love to eat so we will be getting together and doing research for the purpose of blogging. its research. the drinks are just bonuses.
Just a side note, Meg is working on a really awesome project that she is documenting on facebook… for an entire year, Meg will take one photo and post it on facebook. I told her she should blog it with stories on the pics- some of these pics are freakin hilarious! Who wants Meg to start a blog???