I was being particularly naughty in the eating department a afew days ago. Like really really bad. Yesterday I shared a post on how I caught up with Meg over drinks and brunch. As Brunch was ending with Meg, I got a text from my diva Patti “Wanna get some Dinner?” and me not fully understanding that she meant soon i replied “Suuuuure! Where?”
Can I be any more of a retard?
Luckily, dinner was happening about 4 hrs after I stuffed my face with Meg (who is definitely considering the blog idea- thanks guys!). I met up with Patti- who lives across the street- and the original plan was for Italian eats at Dani’s House of Pizza. But Dani’s is really good, and really small – of course!- and with a really ridiculous wait time (they said 20 mins but they were lying) I suggested we take a bit of a walk to Queens Boulevard to Pasta Lovers.
Pasta Lovers is a big restaurant with an old school italian flare. It has yet to disappoint me but I have gone a mere 4 or 5 times. The staff are awesome and accomodating. Once seated they bring an expansive menu of reasonably priced Italian American fare. There was a prix fixe menu but it offered 5 courses and I wasn’t starving… i just had a hankering for pasta.

As soon as your water comes out, so does the complimentary Bruschetta. Crusty bread with garlicky tomatoes on top. Wonderful. Patti didn’t want hers… so i eated it. I figured… tomatoes = raw vegetables, raw vegetables = salad, crusty bread= better than a crouton! Im a genius.
than this happened:

HOLY CARB HEAVEN. Soft Salted Butter and Fresh baked bread. I ate the entire BALL of bread… and patti didnt eat hers. I was tempted to take mine home- but i forgot about it (praise cheeses). I’m tellin ya- i can live on bread alone. I really can. Oh and butter. cant leave out the butter.
Out of all the dishes on the menu I wanted something, anything, that was NOT Marinara. I tend to choose pasta dishes with light cream sauces or olive oil and garlic… I just am picky about marinara sauce.
And I love angel hair pasta. So when I saw the Angel hair Primavera I nodded my head in agreement.
A massive BOWL of angel hair pasta, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, peas and snow peas, all happy swimming in a light garlicky cream sauce. Not too heavy on the sauce and full of flavor. I enjoyed very much. Patti had a chicken dish, looked like marsala but she had her heart set on Chicken Francaise. 😦 Next time Patti.
I got full 1/4 way into the veggies and started to eat the pasta. At some point I wanted to explode and to prevent myself from eating more than I wanted to I started to use the crayons on the table

Crayons are not only for kids, they are for bloggers too. And please note that along with my siggy I drew a house, mickey mouse, a duck, some stars, flowers and lots of little hearts. Oh and a middle finger πŸ™‚ In case anyone wants to analyze my drawing patterns, feel free.

this is what I took home and inevitably ate at midnight watching DVRed programs. I gave Mickey the Tomatoes. She’s a healthy doggie.
Doggie bags barely make it to the next day when I take them home. I almost hate wasting the food… but i definitely hate that i eat it the same day i take it home! Do you have the same problem with Leftovers from restaurants? Is there a food in particular thats hard to resist- even if its cold?