Posting a little on the late side today. Had a busy morning and the bosses took me out to lunch today. In an effort to keep the embarassment to a minimum I left the camera at home. But we enjoyed a really yummy (and probably UN healthy) lunch. I had roasted chicken with garlic and white wine sauce and a side of broccoli- that was drenched in oil. : / but it was wonderful and I sealed the deal with a capuccino… and since when does a restaurant not carry skim milk!!?!?! Guess where I will be tonight?
No, not happy hour.
The gym. Burning off that garlic sauce, broccoli oil, and WHOLE MILK capuccino!
I got a phone call about a package that was waiting for me in the lobby. Last I checked, I was single not expecting a package of any kind… and i was right. A Legal intern sent an edible arrangement to show her gratitude! How nice!
I was the first to unwrap this baby so guess what i helped myself to before the vultures arrived:

(evil grin) There is a good chance that I swiped two more of these… but no one can be sure. I also hit the pineapples and honeydew hard 🙂 It wasn’t the breakfast I had in mind but it was better than what I was really in the mood foor (bagels….mmmm)

Closer to lunchtime I needed a nosh. I grabbed my Vanilla Chobani, a GLOB of PB and stirred it up.

Food-gasmic. Seriously tasted like the peanut butter soft serve i got at The Lite Choice… only not frozen. SO Yum!
Around lunch time I didnt want to be greedy so i got a sensible lunch [for a change].
side salad with unpictured and not very photogenic carrot ginger dressing.

with a salmon roll… with extra ginger petals. Perfect lunch. I didn’t have that “OMIGOD I CANT MOVE” after eating feeling. It was refreshing actually to feel satisfied and not “STUFFED”.

i had a snack before i left for work to get my sweat on. If you read my FB status updates, they read something like “G, T, No L” or “I’m bringing sweaty back”. So I fueled up with a gala apple and laughing cow… i could’ve just went with the laughing cow… mmmm cheese.
After my workout (which was so difficult with the heavy breather running beside me with ca-ca breath) I ran home for another run around the block with Mickey and then some quick nourishment.
Chick. Pea. Balls. Appetizing I know. But I am big fan of Falafel (the FRIED KIND) and saw this at the supermarket and thought it’d be nice to try it out.

I got some new hummus because the red pepper stuff was starting to make me gag… and had a lovely taste of this. Heavenly. REALLY GOOD. Like already on my 2nd container for the week good.

Smeared a bunch-load on my ezekial wrap…

placed three falafel “bites” that were sliced in half on the wrap. I tasted one for quality assurance. It passed the taste test so we can move on now…
Threw a massive pile of spring greens on top of the hummus mess and falafel balls. (i seriously cant write the b to the ALLS word any more without Michael Scott giggling in my head so they are referred to as bites or just falafel now okay… and yeah, a little Michael Scott resides in my head for all those TWSS moments)

And attempted to document my rolling process.

do i need to say more? pics speak for themselves….i hope

this part was tricky

then i dove in. It was good. It wasnt the fried stuff which i mean c’mon, is always better tasting, but was a great substitute for the healthy Diva.

Definately going to make again! It was so quick an easy to make! Even easier to eat!
Any big plans for the weekend???