My Keurig is getting on my nerves. The Machine itself is wonderful and I’m madly in love with it… but to clean the damn thing is a pain in my ass. I have attempted to descale the sucker for a week now and its still got that one blinking light… its like its laughing at me. Im about to call keurig to cry. Mother Eff. I made a cup of coffee today with my french press. nothing wrong with it, it just takes longer. And i had poured a little too much in my much so in an effort to not be wasteful i took a big glug… and this i swear has never happened to me… the liquid was so hot i SPIT IT OUT. And the time it took for my mouth to be scalded and for my brain to send the signal “WHOA THAT SHIT IS HOT!” i spit it out too late. Damn burned tongue. Now nothing will be as tasty today! 😦
I woke up not really wanting to wake up the other and hit the snooze one too many times. Realizing i was no longer in the safe zone for making it to work on time and not wanting to get ready in a flash of lightning I thought taking the LIRR to work would allow me to get there in a timely fashion.
I had just missed the train that would have gotten me to work right on time and the next train wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 20 mins from the last train. That meant I was still gonna be late. For some reason whenver i take the LIRR from Queens to Manhattan I always come out a different exit. I need to find the RIGHT exit! because I was even MORE late to work figuring out where to transfer to my next train. GRRRR!
I finally arrived to work, 30 mins late, and decided why not take advantage of the zero line at Starbucks.
I picked up a spinach feta wrap with a bottle of water with a “hint” of blackberry. The wrap, all 280 calories of it, tasted like pizza. It was a wonderful treat! the water however was kind of gross. I have no problems drinking my water. the hint of fruit just made it taste like REALLY watered down juice. And i like one or the other. juice or water. Not watered down juice. yuck.

For lunch I had a giant plate of steamed and roasted veggies with about 3 oz of leftover steak. it was garlicky and delish! and quite filling!
Prior to the gym I had some work out fuel in the form of a cheese stick and a galla apple. Once again, the cheese was better than the apple.

After a great workout, i walked my jellified limbs home and dreamt up dinner. I really really really wanted pizza but I knew that I wouldnt have just one slice and I just burned 400 cals and wanted to keep them off. So this idea for homemade pizza hit me at the best time.

I preheated my oven to 400*. spread my favorite maranara sauce on top of an ezekial wrap.

Covered it in a healthy amount of low fat mozzarella cheese. I was going to add some veggies but something in the fridge caught my eye and I was soooo excited to try this out!

Turkey Pepperoni. on. my. pizza. YAY! What a treat!

I made a side of steamed broc with the leftover sauce and sprinkled it with parm.

threw the pizza in the oven on a cookie sheet for 7 minutes. It crisped up quickly. And the cheese melted in that gorgeous food-porn way.

ULTRA thin crust pizza.

This was the best post-workout meal I have ever made at home! The ezekial wrap was 150 calories, cheese- 80 cals, pepperoni 30 cals, and sauce 50 cals for 1/4 cup! oh and the broc was 20 cals, cheese 40 cals, and sauce 40 cals… my entire pizza and side dish were less than 400 cals!
My only complaint is that the ezekial wrap is a bit chewy for me… sadly i wont be using this as a crust again. But it fufilled that pizza craving!
Any interesting uses for wraps?