I said last week I was gonna bike ride to brooklyn…
I didn’t.
But mom did call me and tell me she wanted to go for a bike ride in Flushing Meadow park. Ah, Flushing Meadows… i have such fond memories of this old ass park! Like the time my father took me to a Mets game on Cap day and after the game we went for a walk in the park and it started to rain and the dye on my free hat leaked all over my face and shirt. Or when he took me to The Hall of Science and we got lost in the parking lot and ended up walking around the ENTIRE park to find the Hall of Science when it was a few feet behind the car we parked. We were such boneheads. (i still am)
So i woke up felt the tires on my bike and made a trip to the gas station for some air. Two really nice guys helped me fill my tires and I was really flattered until i realized they were hurrying so they could use whatever air was left on the meter after they were done helping me… smh. I was happy my hands didnt get dirty until the chain popped while riding back to my apt to meet my parents. I fixed it and with my black greasy hands we met up and i had a small brekkie
Protein cookie dough. I knew we were gonna have a big brunch type of thing after the bike ride so i loaded up on protein.
Then my father and I couldn’t figure out how to put my bike on the bike rack. I told you, we are boneheads. My mother got out the car and said “try turning the bike around”…
and that worked.
We got to the park and I was ready to go. Caution: DIVA on a BIKE. EVERYBODY MOVE!
Lots of hills. Lots of stops cuz my seat was not working properly. Finally fixed the seat and rode around for about an hour. Towards the end of the ride there was a MASSIVE hill that was so steep that bikers were WALKING their bikes up… and I decided that I was gonna take on that hill! i adjusted my gears and huffed and puffed ALL THE WAY UP. and the fun part was when i got to go down the massive hill.
No one was hurt.
We finally got to the beginning of the park and stopped for a sip of gatorade.

Mom saw it as a photo op. Thanks Mom. Only you can take the worst picture of me at the worst possible angle. Whatever. Its funny. I am funny. I know how to laugh at myself… and she should be warned that when the camera is out… i might just take a bad pic of her and post it on the internet! SO there.
We had a beautiful brunch that I could not share photos of because i didnt charge my camera. BONEHEAD. But I saved the leftovers for din din.

A De-constructed huevos rancheros if you will. 2 fried eggs, a 2 oz piece of steak (it was originally intended for mickey… but she was a bad girl), some red beans, avocado, and 2 slices of arnolds sandwich thins toasted with spray butter. I love breakfast for dinner!
Around dessert time, i wanted something healthy and yummy. And I remembered that Naomi had a really easy recipe for protein muffins and I had just about everything in stock!

Please see her list of ingredients and try it out! Its amazingly simple. I made a few tweaks:
1.5 cups of oatmeal (it was all i had left- didn’t see a point in keeping .5 cups of oats)
1.5 tsp baking powder
.5 tsp baking soda
1 heaping tbsp of cinnamon
3 scoops of protein powder
1 packet of fat free hot cocoa (she called for unsweetened cocoa… but i had none)
1 egg
1 cup of pureed pumpkin
1/4 cup of milk
I stirred in a big bowl and poured into muffin tins
I baked these babies at 350* for 18 minutes. My apartment smelled like the amish bread that i tortured my former roommate with! so this was promising!

When they were done, i took a big bite.
Love. Next time I’m gonna try with oat bran ( if i can ever find some! grrr) but these are awesome. I have them in the freezer for easy treats.
No clue on the calorie content but its yummy. I smeared one with PB and needed a moment alone.. it was divine.
I might be going for another bike ride this weekend… any recs on “fuelage”? favorite snacks for bike riding?