Good Day to you my lovelies.

I am back from my night of debauchery (and boy did I pay a price!) I left you all with a question of what one would wear to a Pimps and Hoes party and i was quite impressed with your ideas on what a Ho should wear. And one you clever little divas beat me to the punch. My goal the whole time, was to be the one who thought out of the box at said party. One Healthy Apple suggested that I dress as the pimp instead of the Ho…Clever little Diva! My plan from the get-go was to go dressed as a Madame, neither Pimp, neither ho. Just an expensive upgrade if you will!

The day of the event was a hot and sunny day that I spent with my parents at Flushing Meadow Park once again. We had a picnic. I forgot to put on my sunscreen and scored a righteous farmers tan… and was going to be sporting a tube top at the night time event… damn. After a doosy of a heat induced headache, i took a nap and got ready for the party. I was kinda late… but it was 4 blocks from my apt… so i could afford to be late.

Above is the Birthday Boy, Peter. We go waaaaay back- probably to the diaper days… and he was my first roomie! Never had an older brother but he’s pretty much family in my book, Oh, and he’s getting married this year- so I inherit his wifey as family too… in my book anyway. (wonder when this “book” will ever be written) ANYWAY, I arrived as everyone had had a few drinks so the crowd was a bit loose…

And I snapped a pic before the drinks started to flow. Which was a good idea because I made a very big ROOKIE mistake. Having had a bout of heat stroke prior to the party I didn’t feel like having dinner since the party was also going to be a barbeque. When I arrived I had my first drink.

Pimp Juice. Contents: everything. Verdict: Tricky Juice! Did not have an alcohol taste which is dangerous when its a tad muggy outside. One pimp juice turned to three and I still didnt have any food in my system.

Then the photos started. Notice the BURN on one half of my arm? Shameless farmers tan… smh.

Drink number 4. Quite a large mojito. And at this point I ate a piece of Chicken. It was definitely too late for that… and the chicken was fried. grease plus alcohol is NEVER a good idea. Just in case you were thinking of doing it- DONT….

Number 5. And in between this pic and the previous a jell-o shot… and a tequila shot. My next piece of advice is NEVER MIX. You think its a good idea at the time but it IS NOT.

Not bad looking for a drunk lady?

Oh God…. thats number 6. Look at my hungry eyes. Peter made some banging mojitos. The mere suggestion of a mojito right now just makes me dizzy.

Pimp Shoes. and Peter, Nice legs. No Comment

At midnight we sang happy birthday to the kid and cut the cake made by my unofficial future sister in law. Only shes just my bffs fiance. Its my story though, so my story, my rules.

Me, Tomoko, and Kammy. Kammy left kisses on my arms and back. Showing Respect to Madame Mo…

Ain’t they the cutest?? This is my favorite pic of them. Candid and natural. No fake smiles. Just sheer drunken bliss. I like it. Is this appropriate for Save The Dates??? LOL

And around this time I started to really lose it. I dont remember taking this pic. Nor do i remember posing for it and uploading it to facebook. But this was around the time I collected my things and stumbled home.

The following hours after this are a painful blur. I have never been so sick in my life. Today as I recap this im still a lil queasy… but I still had a great time celebrating. Just next time I will be sure to LEARN from my mistakes:

1. EAT before i DRINK

2. If I forget to eat, DONT consume GREASY food in between drinks


Thank you all for bearing through this post. I hope you had a good laugh! Not many food pics to follow since the only thing I managed to eat yesterday was a turkey sandwich and 3 bottles of gatorade.
How was YOUR weekend????