A bit of a warning before you continue to read on… the photos you are about to see are mostly photos that were taken by Missy and Mari – and some from my camera phone.
On Friday night, i decided to hit the hay early. I was zonked from giving blood and knew that I had a big day ahead of me with the girls. I must have really been tired because i not only slept through my 7am wake up call but i missed my courtesy call from Mari. She had texted me the night before saying she wanted to leave at 8:30 am. Her call was at 8:30 and I was still in bed.
Already you can tell my day was going to be SUPER!
I walked mickey and got ready quickly as it started to rain. I met up with a disappointed Mari (cuz I always seem to be the “late” one) and we got on the train. And thats when the train decided to be retarded and go re-route us. We arrived to meet up with the rest of the girls 45 mins late. They were really nice about it too- i probably would have left me behind. I realized when we were on the train that I also left my camera in my gym bag. fml.
The rain had stopped and we made our way to the park.
Mari: Did you bring your ticket, Mo?
Mo: what ticket?
SMH- luckily, Self Prepares for people like me. And i got in with no problem.
While rifling though my bag and what not I came across a cool new toy. “Mo, stop clowning around and lets go”

Couldn’t help myself. Lucky for those ladies my clown nose was hard to breathe with and I was gonna need my oxygen for all the wonderful goodies to come. Here is a lovely group of girls! From left to right: Julie, Kristine, Layla, Angela, ME, and Mari…taking the photo: Missy.
We found a spot in the large arena (after we made a lap for free stuff) and started the sexy stretch, complete with pelvic thrusting, lusty hip rolls, and shimmying.

I love how Mari is enjoying her stretch, I’m not even aware that Im being photographed. Please note: Mo Diva is not as annoyed as she seems. Lets say I was feeling the burn, yes?

Neck rolls. You gotta roll that neck and stretch properly to ensure a good workout!
Getting ready for one of our first workouts! I think the best part of all the working out was how i wore pants without drawstring and spent a good chunk of time pulling my pants up to my armpits to keep them from falling off (thankfully, that image was never captured- that I know of)

Look how many fitness divas there are!!! Yo go GIRLS!

The event was full of awesome stuff, and because i was so late we all missed out on the rebounding classes (sorry!). Lots of vendors with free samples and coupons. Among my favorites: Crystal Light provided fitness water, Asics gave out these cool sacks that contained a lovely ball of hair ties, Silk gave out samples of chocolate milk, Blue Diamond gave out almonds, and Reebok had great footwear and such to try on!
The first class that I took and LOVED was the Masala Bhangra with Sarina Jain. What an awesome workout. It wasnt difficult to follow and was actually really fun!
After the workout, we were taking a break and spotted Ms. Jain herself filming a documentary for Masala Bhangras 10 year anniversary. Mari nearly had a heart attack and i hated myself for forgetting my camera. Missy let me get in on her photo – Missy u can EASILY crop me out of this one! LOL.
In Mari’s excitement she told Sarina: “I do you every day” Thats what she said. Love you Mari.
I skipped the AB workout cuz I wanted to peruse the free crap some more but was sure to come back for the Retro Robics. Another awesome workout that had the greatest music from my fav decades (80’s and 90’s) I also skipped the tai boxing cuz I suck at that.
The girls took a break before the next workout began. We took a peek at Jess Getting her Rebounding on – she didn’t wait for me hence, she was able to score a spot in the class. Smart Girl – i will be taking her spin class next week – that is, if i can wake up! LOL.

We were all starting to get tired and hungry so we took time to strike one more pose (after 5 or so minutes of the hardest class ever- Rock Bottom) and decided to get the hell outta there.

Missy spotted the signage and we spotted a photo op.

Mari šŸ™‚

Mo Nizzle.

We had a few ideas on what we should eat and after tossing around this and that we decided that there was really only one place for three girls by the name of M from Queens to go…. Thats right, 5 Burro Cafe. And bonus, we NEVER get here early enough for a LUNCH SPECIAL!!!
Should have gotten a mini margarita but I was “thirsty” and forgot about my promise to not drink after the pimps and hoes party… stupid Mo. Luckily i only drank half.
Me and Missy. We Hungry! Mari really wanted a pina colada and the stupid blender was broken and I couldnt capture her sadness… but we made up for it later.
Chips! i noshed on one too many of these. I was just so hungry. boo! And after much debate over a salad or a steak….

i went with the steak and figured: what the hell! its LINNER!
And since we were RIGHT near TLC we got some dessert. And since Mari missed out on her pina colada she got one at TLC.

If any PR from TLC are reading, We experienced horrid service at the Forrest Hills Location. Our favorite girl Stephanie was not there but an older woman was there. She over charged us and was being anything but pleasant when we asked for flavors that had to be made. She even told a customer that the fluffernutter came with caramel and that she didnt have any. It was not a good time for us… but at least my cappuccino soft serve was *decent* (at best).
I had a great time with the girls and cant wait till next years Self Workout in the Park! Only next year we gonna wear matching outfits and be *those* girls LOL.
If you receive bad service at a resturant or chain, do you send a complaint to corporate or do you just ignore it?