I like how honest a lot of you were yesterday. Perhaps I didnt word my question right… if you could eat anything all day everyday and it wouldnt contain a single calorie, gram of fat, or add any inches to your waistline, would it still be fruits and veggies as some of you said? Don’t get me wrong, i love a good bowl of fruit and some roasted veggies but there are days that the smell of fresh bread makes me want to gnaw at a loaf until i was sick of it…and can you really get sick of bread? I don’t know. But it was just for pretend…
Whats not for pretend and is totally in real life is this wonderful jar of oats…
You are looking at Fluffernutter oats in a jar. No, im not lying. What a delicious mess this made. Fluff adds a nice touch of sweetness to the peanut butter and oats. All that was missing… two slices of bread. lol. me and my bread. I should make a fluffernutter this weekend… on the grill… with cinnamon! OOOOOH!
Around lunch I decided to try something different.

Grilled chicken with grits and garlic stir fried veggies. Pepper, carrots, broccoli and cauliflowersauteed in a little olive oil and a lot of garlic placed on top of some lightly buttered grits. the grits alone were filling, I ate about half of this monstrosity. Did I mention how filling it was??
Around dinner time, i was still dreaming of the all you can eat bread and cheese diet and said “what the hell?” to a grilled cheese sammy for dinner.

Two slices of weight watchers whole wheat bread. A few slices of american cheese (cheddar would be preferred) and sprayed each side of bread with ICBINB spray.
Then sprinkle it with a little garlic powder.
Place it on a hot grill pan…
MMM. Garlicky. crispy and slightly buttery.
and best of all…

Melted cheesy goodness. What would have been so amazingly delish with this? tomato soup of course! But i didnt have any. And the best part was there was only one dish to clean since I pretty much ate this baby right out of the pan!
Do you fancy up your sandwiches??? I add a slice of tomato to my grilled cheeses… its phenom!
Any big plans for the weekend?