This post is sort of a continuation from yesterdays post on my first spin class.
After spin I went to grab a bite with the gang and then I had to run like hell back to Queens to pick up my new roommates boxes from the post office. Why do post offices close so damn early! Jeez. So I called my friend Patti and asked her to meet me because I knew the boxes would be heavy. When i walked through the door in my apartment with Patti I found Mickey in her crate, dog food and dog barf everywhere as well as the bars on her crate completely chewed off.
yes, that sweet innocent looking dog chewed the bars of her crate. She had done it before and as a deterent I put “Bitter End” on the bars… she chewed so much and got so much bitters in her mouth she yakked.
Super Patti came to the rescue and offered to take Mickey for the day…because i was gonna cry. My body was so sore from spin and i haul ass to the post office to see two rectangular boxes each weighing about 45 lbs each.
I now want to KILL my new Roommate. My arms were killing me and now i was carrying two boxes in my shopping cart for 5 blocks in the hot sun. Doesn’t help that the boxes say FRAGILE all over…
No sooner than I get home, my mother calls and says shes downstairs. She just returned from vacay with my dad. I had just enough time to throw the boxes in roomies room, change into sweat free clothes and put some cream on my face. They lovingly took me to Petco to buy Mickey the Meanie a new and CHEW Proof crate. $125 later, i wiped my eyes, blew my nose, and mom suggested we get a quick bite.
We ended up at a cute little pizza shop called Josephine’s. We were in the Howard Beach area and chose this place because that is grannies name. It was a great choice too. the pizza was fresh. The sauce was homemade and it was wonderful!

The staff were really friendly and sent over some free garlic knots and breadsticks. Right nextdoor was a ravioli store… i love Italian neighborhoods! They also had some deli fare that I haven’t had in forever

I was full but I haven’t seen an authentic rice ball in FOREVER.

Couldn’t help myself. πŸ™‚

It was wonderful!
We got to my parents house and I made reservations for Moms birthday dinner later that evening. Its always gotta be someplace special for Mom’s birthday so i decided to take her to the place i was taken to on my birthday by my old roomie. Tournesol in Long Island City.

We were seated immediately. Since the last time i was here, the menu changed a bit. I had RAVED about the Boeuf bourguignon and they both wanted to try this dish. When the yummy waitor came, he read the specials and asked if we knew what we were having.
We all said at the same time “Boeuf bourguignon”.
And luck was on our side. Since my last visit the Boeuf bourguignon was taken off the menu but it was the special of the day! Mom was really happy. And i let her pick everything she wanted.
We started with some deliciously seasoned olives…and about glasses of tap water….we were thirsty.

and some crusty bread… with butter.

and split this decadent apetizer. It was a stew made with a bernaise sauce with mussels, shrimp and chunks of fish. Creamy. Buttery. seafoody. and delish! it was very rich so we were all glad to share this portion for a “taste”.
Then three little pots came our way…

And then we were reborn.
Dads eyes rolled behind his head.
Mom never came up for air.
and I was hunting in their pots for their mushrooms. At some point I was trading chunks of beef for their mushrooms in their pots. The dish was perfection. The meat fell apart at the slightest touch. The sauce was everything it should have been. It was decorated with chunks of crispy chunks of pork belly, slow cooked beef, mushrooms, carrots and pearl onions. And it came on a bed of noodles
I stroked my belly at the end of this meal. it was a good meal. It was a really affordable meal too… but we mustn’t forget why we are here

Happy Birthday mommmy! Have some creme brullee.

Vanilla custard pudding with crispy caramel topping… My fave

Mom didn’t LOVE so much but she was really full and asked if she could eat the topping… she liked the topping best. And who am I to say no to the birthday Mom?

me and dad went to town on this baby. Look at all those little black specs…those be the vanilla beans!!!
I know its personal and all but with all the food we ate, our bill came out to $80. Appetizer, 3 entrees and a dessert…not to shabby in my opinion for good food! If you are in the Long Island City area, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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You’d normally think this post was over but those asterisks can only mean one thing: Hot Neighbor. You can bypass this if you are done with story time.
After dinner with my parents my phone started to go off.
“What happened to you yesterday?”
OH shit! i stood up Hot Neighbor… on purpose. Well stood up is a harsh way of putting it… I said I MIGHT be going somewhere and I would let him know. I never let him know because I never went. But he wanted to get a drink. I was tired. As you see from the photos above, I ate a lot and really needed a nap… and i looked like CRAP! But he insisted.
So i said okay for one drink. Here are the (not so) highlights.
– he was late
– he wore more BLING than anyone ive ever met
– he does his eye brows better than me
– he kept getting too close to me, and getting too close to my face when i was talking
– he was not making eye contact but can probably tell me what cup size my bra is.
– he made me feel very uncomfortable… like his interest was purely physical.
And that ladies and gentlemen is the END of hot Neighbor. He calls constantly. I ignore the calls. Sucks because hes my neighbor and im bound to see him eventually but one more thing to add to my list of NO NO’s: DO NOT SHIT WHERE YOU EAT!
Im not mad about it… But I feel sorry for his girlfriend. Don’t you worry- there will be plenty of squealing left because I have a blind date on Saturday… and I already checked- this one is single! hahaha
Describe the WORST date you have ever been on.
The above is not even close to my worst date… but we can save that for another day!