My father and I go to lunch every thursday. I don’t think this is news to you but when he and mom went away on Vacay I was left with a free thursday. I could have just brought in my lunch and made it regular old day… but why the heck would i want to do that?
I dont know what made me think of this place but when I did, it just made sense to go. I picked up the phone and called my favorite eater, george.
Georgie, wanna go to the meatball shop at lunch?
Meatball shop?? OOOOOH, Hell yes!
I sent him the menu in the morning and we both made decisions ahead of time… because we love menus that much…we need time to think. The spot was in the Lower East Side. We were in Chinatown. The weather was 80 degrees. It was my idea to walk.
I sometimes have bad ideas. I have heard Rave Reviews from damn near everyone who has been here. I figured it was worth the walk one way or another. I also thought I would be a good critic because my Italian grandmother makes the best meatballs i have ever tasted in my life…and these meatballs had high standards to live up to.
The Meatball Shop on 84 Stanton Street took a while to get to but wasn’t hard to miss. George didn’te wait for me as I stopped in the middle of the street to take this pic. You can’t slow a hungry man down…
Immediately upon entering i was hit with nostalgia. It smelled just like my grandmothers kitchen. the smell of meat, breadcrumbs and parmesean cheese. I knew at that moment that I would not leave diappointed.

Each table has a laminated menu on it with a dry erase marker. The process is Check the meat you want (choices include beef, chicken, spicy pork, veggie and special) and then you choose your sauce (tomato, spicy meat, mushroom, parmesean).

You can also get sides.. (mashed potatoes, risotto, polenta etc). And for those that want meatball subs, they got those too! I had originally wanted to get the meatball smash which is two meatballs in an herbed focaccia bread with sauce and a side salad. But Georgie talked me out of it.
I placed my order, sat down and shot right back up.
The lady behind the register smiled and handed me back my menu. You don’t understand the ice cream sandwiches here. They are like… heaven. Two fresh baked cookies with homemade ice cream. You can CHOOSE your COOKIE and your ICE CREAM. Oh Good Grief! I was going for the Ginger cookie and capuccino ice cream… but considered the chocolate chip cookie with the mint ice cream… then some GENIUS said “what about Chocolate chip with Capuccino?”. Whoever you are that said this… I want to kiss you.
We received our lunches and made a sweaty dash back to the office. I had one thing on my mind…
hello gorgeous.

yes, the shot is blurry. Can you imagine me sweating, holding a bag of lunch, a container of this ice cream sandwich, my purse and my camera. Alternating bites and camera clicks and taking breaks to breathe. My friend George watched with amusement.
Mo, is it that good?
The cookie was thin. Semi chewy, yet strong enough to hold that masssive scoop of creamy homemade capuccino ice cream. I finished it quickly becuase it was melting. It wasnt until i finished it that Georgie said
-I’m proud of you Mo, but you ate it wrong.
How so?
-Well I was gonna say something but you attacked that thing and i just let you make your mistake. You ate that thing like a rookie..
so how should i go about it next time?
-Alright, take the top cookie off and put it in your pocket or something. then eat SOME of the ice cream off the top layer. Get that layer small enough so you can put the top cookie back on and have an easier time biting into it…or you can eat it without the top layer and save it for later….
-yeah Mo?
You’re a Genius.
We both got back to the office and tore into our goodies…. We both decided on the beef with the spicy meat sauce. But when it came to sides I went with the mashed potatoes and he went with the risotto.
The mashed potatoes were amazing. yellow, probably from all the butter. But they were rustic and velvety with a fantastic buttery flavor that wasnt overpowering and the chives were a nice touch. I love chives. I was given the option to put the meatballs on top of the mash… but why would i do such a thing??? I needed to try them A la Carte!
So mashed taters? A+
Georgies risotto: best hes ever had. (Im impressed with taht… i need to check this out)
The meatballs? WONDERFUL. Grannie would like these. There was a lot of breadcrumb in these babies but it only added to their wonderful texture and flavor. The sauce was like crumbled spicy italian sausage and tomato sauce. Very pleasant! I couldnt finish the last 3 meatballs… I did eventually but like 3 hours later! Everyone who walked by was basking in the aroma of my unfinished meatballs.
Even though I was covered in sweat while I ate my lunch I thought the hike was worth it.
I can’t wait to take my mother here!