Inspiration can come from many different parts of life. Friends. family. Sometimes even a photo will give you inspiration. As a blogger, my inspiration comes mostly from Other Bloggers. I owe a lot of my foodie adventures to the dedicated people who log on every day and write, review, click, and post for my entertainment. Had it not been for bloggers i would not know the joy that is Oats in a Jar, baked Tofu, and all the latest physical challenges I have gotten myself into!
My newest adventure comes from One fit Foodie, Naomi. A natural diva. I love her cheery posts and her awesome workout tips. Half the time i wish I could mirror a day of eats as they are balanced and Freaking Delicious looking! If you want to mirror a blogger, shes on my top list of recs ( you can be like me too if you like, cuz im awesome too- but if you are reading this you already know that xoxox) A few weeks ago i made a batch of her chocolate cinnamon protein muffins and they were so delish and easy to make… when she posted an overnight oatbran recipe i was all over it!
Here i set up my “recipe book” aka my laptop and prepared the recipe with some tweaks…
one container of greek yogurt ( i used honey)
1/2 cup of oat bran
splash of milk
1/4 c fat free hazelnut creamer
1/4 cup water
cinnamon and one splenda.
sprinkle of chocolate protein powder
Mixed it all up and let it sit overnight.
It smelled like Cinnamon raisin rice pudding. mmm.

i could only eat half. it was so filling! and tasted like Dessert! I am so glad i got 10 chobanis last week. lol. and the box of oatbran has changed my life. I dont know if i can enjoy oatmeal again. Im serious. i dont know if i can.

Around lunch I had some tofu shirataki noodles with diced herb chicken, zuchini, and an instant pesto. I documented the instant pesto process but Knorr needs to be told their pesto is gross. Its cream based- should have known… but i tried to make it better as much as i could. the end resulted in a runny bland “cream” sauce that went right in the trash. i was better off making Papa Namaste pasta sauce.
I was full all afternoon. Might have snuck some popcorn or whatever but I was craving some cheese at din din. And Ijust happened to have some Ile De France Brie in my fridge!
I know… I LOVE cheese! My love for cheese is probably the top reason i can not be a vegan.
I had some brie. I wanted a grilled cheese. and a fruit preserve. The problem was I had 3 different jars of fruit preserves and didnt know which one i would like the best. So i did what anyone would do… Sampled it. in the end i went with the cherry preserves and the brie. I was in the mood for a sweet and tart combo with the brie. I toasted some whole grain bread and then broiled the bread with some brie to melt it.
smeared some preserves on it and was about to have at that baby open faced…

But thought the ooze action was too perfect to miss. It was an awesome combo.
About a week ago, I traded Mari some homemade muffins for some pineapple chobani that I didnt care for…
What are the plans for the weekend?
I have a blind date tomorrow! and a Dinner date with Missy on Sunday!