Ever been so tired that you fall off your bed and stay asleep? Mickey knows what I’m talking about.
Right Mickey girl? The weather was nothing special. Maybe a little muggy. Mickey went on all her regular walks but boy did this pup sleep. Over the course of an hour I watched mickey slide off her bed with her butt on the bed and head on the floor…

to her head slipping off the front of the bed…

and then her legs sliding off. I woke her up with my giggles during the last photo. I wish I was quick enough to record her spinning round and round for that perfect spot on her bed. Mickey and I had a good weekend. Of course, I was in bed for the most part because i wasnt feeling. I felt terrible that i missed my date with Missy…
But at least I got to go out with the eHarmony guy. Words are my thing. I usually have a whole lot to say about stuff but im left with a giant question mark. Was he a nice guy? TOTALLY! So sweet and so charming! Did he open the door, pull out the chair and pay for dinner? All that too! But I think the big problem is ME.
I have never in my life felt scared about a date. And saturday I was scared. I wasn’t feeling well to begin with and Mari kinda put me in check. “Dont bring that negativity with you on your date!” She was right. What the hell was wrong with me? I pulled it all together and made the best of it.
Afterwards, I concluded that he was really nice and uber charming- maybe even old fashioned, which is nice. And I’m going to go out with him again because maybe first dates aren’t enough to decide if you reallly like someone or not. Or maybe we go on dates and expect fireworks… maybe I think too much. My mother called me out on my attitude towards it all. Moms know everything. Right now i like my life. And I hate change. I am nit-picking things about this date that aren’t deal breakers but more like excuses.
So if you would like to send me a swift kick in the ass via the net… please do so. If you want to shed some light on a similar situation please share! if you dont want to put yourself on blast you can send the comment privately by clicking here.
Now onto something more cheerful!
One of my colleagues has a cocktail party once a year at his place in Long Island City. I’ve been invited countless times and never got the chance to make it out there. But several of my peers were going and giving me a friendly push to go.
Sometimes I need to be shoved to go out and have fun! (and i wonder why i have dating issues).
I was late. like an hour late which isnt really a HUGE deal… but in an effort to not be any later than that I called a cab to drive me there.
My cab driver looked like Richard Pryor… but he wasn’t a comedian. On the contrary, he scared the bejesus out of me. I beleive he had Tourette’s Syndrome. Every time the light changed on him, from yellow to red, he grabbed his steering wheel, made a siren noise and whispered F*ck several times then unclicked and clicked his seatbelt back into place. It was an obvious tick. It was the longest cab ride of my life.
I arrived safely.
A gorgeous home filled with people chatting, drinking and nibbling. I found my pushers and was immediately given something to drink.
I chugged. Rest assured it was Not Alcohol. It was a really wonderful soda that is so wonderful it will get its own post on Food Snob. As a teaser, its called Grown-Up Soda, AKA Gus. Delicious refreshing soda that i later started to add to my champagne to make a Gus-mosa.
I should note that if you are invited to a party and you arrive late

you will miss out on the food. I nibbled on a cookie and some guac with lime tortilla chips… There was an abundance of cheeses so you know i was HAPPY!

My buddy Julie hooked me up with some of the goods that were still standing. two stuffed clams, eggplant rollatini, yummy crackers and smoked gouda. I devoured every bite while chatting up some friends…

even Georgie was there! Ever since the Meatball shop post went up Georgie thinks it would be a good idea to keep his face a secret…like in Home Improvement, the next door neighbors face was always a Mystery? Georgie will be known to the world by the back of his head.

Me and Alex. Love this pic of us.

The host himself in the center with some of the ladies from the office.

Candid conversation shots.
This pic was right around the time that I mentioned to said Host that I love a restaurant that is right around the corner and had just visited with my mom. Tournesol. I told him how much i loved it there and asked if he had ever been.
Silly question.
The owners of the restuarant were among the guests at the party. And I was so honored to meet the owners of Tournesol and even more delighted to show them the review I did of their resturant. Hi Roxanne and Pasquale! And a Special thanks to Nick for having me over and introducing me to his friends!