I retyped the entry… not as funny as the first one… but blogger can suck my left toe!


Just wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me about the date. You are all right. I am going to go on a 2nd date and possibly even a third. he is a nice guy and I can’t go into anything with negative feelings or any baggage from my past relationships. And who says it has to get serious right away? I am all for a friendship that turns into something more! And if hes okay with that than he might be more perfect for me than I know. Lets hope it works out. and if not, lets hope I am that much closer to finding my dream boy!


Big surprise I had a yogurt mess for breakfast. Seriously, its like crack. I add different things to it each time. for this batch i added some peanut butter. And kept the protein powder, cinnamon and hazelnut but this was just too much.

it tasted great but with all the strong flavors competing it got a little too rich and i couldnt finish.
I know, ME? not finish anything? its crazy but its true!
I had some bits of yogurt at the bottom of the container that i didnt really feel like rescuing so i let mickey clean up shes really good at cleaning up.
And this reminds me of a doggy ice cream recipe
All you need is: 8 oz of non fat plain yogurt (if flavored, get honey flavor), 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp smooth and natural peanut butter. Blend it all up and freeze in 1/4 cup portions. Doggies will love! I promise! Unless your dog is weird and doesnt like my ice cream. then you can just give your dog a meat pie.

No sooner than i get to work that I find a cupcake that matches my shirt and my socks. So how can i say no? it was like a gift straight from the man upstairs… (no, not my neighbor-gag)

And in my efforts to avoid grocery shopping (major fail by the way- went shopping yesterday) I decided to make some eggs and taters for lunchies.

And not just taters… processed. Artificial, fakin bacon and oddly yummy boxed potatoes. it reminded me of the potatoes i used to get on the AM flight to Florida with my powdered eggs. Nostalgic and gross all at the same time.

and eggs. with goat cheese. OH Goat cheese. it makes eggs taste amazing. Added some broccoli too. heavenly.

I enjoyed this but I feel a bit poor having eggs for lunch… lol. Roomie is coming home to a fridge full of tofu… hes gonna be pissed! OH WELL! at least i know he wont eat it!
Around 5 pm karen plops on my visitors chair and told me she was having a shitty day. And I hate shitty days. They totally suck. The worst part was that she was so busy she didnt have time to eat. TRAJEDY! And she really needed a drink.
She then said the most beautiful thing anyone in the history of this blog has ever siad to me.
“I think we should go to 5 burros for dinner”
thinking about the Eggs I was probably going to consume AGAIN for dinner… i thought it was a great idea.
We walked to 5 burro from my apartment to burn some cals… and were told we had ONE HOUR wait. on a weekday! BANANAS!
We killed time in Victoria’s Secret. I never laughed so much in my life. The sales woman who was wearing a shelf for a bra gave us push up bras to try on… her sales pitch was hilairous too. Just and FYI… Push Up Bras are lies… how you gonna explain that not so perky rack when the lights go out???
Well we left the deceitful bras behind and took ourselves to the delicious and always honest 5 burro cafe. Margaritas, tacos guacamole… all that good stuff. No photos becuase well you know i have been there and you know what i eat.
What you dont know is that we go to Marthas bakery after every trip and since we’re walking we dont hold back!
Chocolate mousse. Silky. Chocolatey. Rich. DIVINE. Karen had never has this before and since she was deprived of food all day we each got our own slice. We asked the lady to pack forks and napkins cuz we were walking back and eating out of our cake boxes.
Karen took a bite as we were leaving the store and shot me a dirty look. She hates when i introduce her to something delicious. Because at that moment, she knew she wouldnt be able to eat SOME of it… she was going for ALL OF IT.

shit, and so was i! It was awesome. walking to kew gardens with our personal cake boxes. In our own blissful chocolatey worlds.
It was a good Karen and Mo Day indeed!
when your friend needs you… what do you do?
I take them to eat. Nothing says I care like a slab of calorie loaded cake.