In High School I had two best friends. Jen and Emily. The three of us were inseperable and always got ourselves into the craziest situations. Mostly Em and I got into trouble, jen was the bookworm. The good girl. And was in a dance ensemble. I remember the night Em and I ventured out to see Jen perform in the far far away land that was Brooklyn College and “Whoop”ing, Hollering, and screaming for Jen whenever she performed a number (what do you want, I’m Hispanic- its what we do!) That night I got to meet one of Jen’s friends. Her name is Patti. Patti is reading right now- HI PATTI!
My first memory of Patti was from that dance recital when she limped up to me and Em, introduced herself to us that the most EPIC splinter of all time sticking out of her knee. I still have images of that splinter in her knee and later found that she had to go to the hospital to get it removed… *shiver*. That was TEN years ago.
When I moved into my apartment Jen came to bless my home with a present and a trip to the movies. She arrived at my apartment and couldn’t beleive that I lived right across the street from Patti.
“Patti? who is Patti?” i said.
“You met her at my dance recital a LONG time ago”
And thats impressive to me. That I can remember someone from that long ago when i can’t even remember what happened 5 minutes ago (ah, old age). Months later I was invited by Jen to Patti’s Birthday party at the bar near my apt. Thats when Patti and i exchanged numbers.
I would like to say that we became friends right after that but we didn’t. We continued to be neighbors and lived our lives for another year or so.
And then I adopted Mickey…
Patti also has a beagle named Scrappy. Scrappy and Mickey are in love. And scrappy and Mickey brought me and Patti closer. Its awesome to have a friend that I have so much in common with… and patti has a big heart. We hang out a lot and Patti looks after Mickey better than I do on most days… because her heart is so big. 🙂
I have become the third wheel in her marriage to Vinny. (Yo Vinny!) But they never make me feel that way. So when they said “whats for dinner?” I knew that meant I was coming along to.
We couldn’t decide on what to eat for like 30 minutes! But Patti and Vinny both decided on Kane Diner. And having been there a few times I accepted the invite!
The menu is a mess. Its not organized like a standard menu but its full of pictures of celebs, food and a brief description on them. For someone like me, who has a hard time making food decisions, this can be challenging. I used to be really good at ordering and now (damn old age) i find myself going back and forth, up and down, sideways and whatever way just trying to figure out what the hell i want! And 9 times out of 10, i want what my guests order after we get our food. i should stick to what I know…but i am afriad of being predictable. Old Age also makes me crazy.

They served us some corn muffins to help us in our decision making. I tore this sucker up with a healthy smear (or two) of Butter. And then, after I consumed the thing did I know what I wanted to order for dinner.
Patti and Vinny got burgers.
I wasnt in the mood for a burger…

So I got Chicken Strips and cheddar fries. And Praise Cheeses, I did not finish all of it… okay I finished most of it… but its KANE Diner! It was good.Kanes Diner on Urbanspoon

Dont you love how i went into a whole story about how i met patti just to mention what we ate at a diner? smh.
Do you have an odd memory of someone that you havent seen in decades?
or a story worse than the epic splinter?