I had a great weekend. I really wished it was a little longer, but dont we all wish that?
There were so many wonderful highlights that I decided to break up the weekend into an undertermined amount of posts. So this is part one of many. Not too many. But enough many.
Im a little late posting today because I had to go to the eye doctor. PSA: if something from NYC flies into your eye…dont wait a week till your eye is constantly tearing up and hurting… odds are its a shard of something awful scratching up your eye! Im on expensive drops to fix stupid eye ball so at least they didnt say
“Ms. Mo Diva, that Eye ball has to come out”
I would not be a happy camper. I like both eyes thank you very much… and no shards of glass (yes, glass) are gonna stand in my way.
So… the day we left for Dover, we woke up bright and early. Mom made coffee and bagels and we hit the road.
The night before i hit up my local bagel shop that is known for its stellar customer service and awesome bagels. The pickins were slim but I needed to bring some NY style bagels to the people of Delaware. The man behind the counter had about a dozen plain and a dozen sesame; perfect! That was exactly how much i needed. When i asked for them, Dude ROLLED his eyes at me and said “you’re gonna clean me out!” and thinking he was kidding I just gave him a pathetic laugh becuase, well, isnt that the freakin point? So he proceeded to slam my bagels into a brown bag and slam the bag on the counter. when i asked for the last two mini bagels I thought his world was going to end.
DUDE, isnt it a good thing when someone buys ALL of your bagels? Correct me if Im wrong! GAH! Well I didnt really enjoy my bagel because the guy was such a douche.

Mickey loves car rides… doesn’t she look like shes laughing?? In truth she was panting like a lunatic and shedding like a maniac. But we arrived safely and Mickey was in her glory playing with all her fur cousins in the big back yard!
We were a bit hungry and decided to head to Spencer’s for some Amish Love.

A Pork Chop sandwich. The last time I was here I got a salad that had an entire ham in it! No lie! So i figured this might have been the tastier and more reasonable portion.
Aren’t Amish supposed to be friendly? I never ordered from the BBQ kiosk before and I asked the sweet little Amish girl for a pork chop sandwich on a roll.
“Mustard and cheese?” she said
i replied “Uh, no Mayo and cheese please”
ROLLIGN HER EYES she says slowly “MUSTARD and cheese?”
aand we continue this bacck and forth until my mother says “Mo, Mayo is at the condiment bar…”
Why couldnt Amish Girl say that? Is it more fun to be condescending?? Where was God’s love for the ignorant New Yorker? I can only imagine what they think of us…
anyway, you gotta remove the bones from the sandwich because…well, cuz they are bones LOL.
Juicy. well seasoned. YUMMY YUMMY all mine pork chop sammie.

Even the family was tearing it up.

After we ate, we took a stroll around and ended up with some whoppie pies, coconut cakes, cinnamon sugar donuts, homemade toasted coconut marshmallows and homemade candies. We act like we’ve never been there before! Mom scored some candy string…

and I took a Julie- Inspired photo in the passenger seat….

… and then inspired a Monique-Julie-inspired eating and driving photo.
it was quite the day. I proceeded to shop like a crazy lady for the rest of the day… Im rather tired… see ya tomorrow. Gotta keep my eye closed and hope the other one doesn’t close for sleepy time!