After our eventful lunch at Spencer’s the fam packed into the mini van and cruised along the highway with the cars AC blasting. It was hot in Delaware. My cousin remembered around Easter the kids won some free vouchers for Ices at a joint called Rita’s. When I counted the vouchers there were exactly SEVEN. AND wouldn’t you know it, thats how many of us were in the car! I personally have never been to Rita’s before. But I immediately fell in love with the old school counter and bright colors of the joint. It was the classic ice cream stand image I always have when I think about ice cream vendors from back in the day. All that was missing was the 1950’s caddy.

I was overwhelmed with choices but was glad to know that I could mix and match and even taste combinations to help sway my decision.

Mom and I just LOVE ices. Great way to cool off in the summer! And we got the child sizes… so we weren’t being greedy.

The girls behind the counter were so quick in getting our orders out (i would imagine they’d have to with the heat melting the ice so quickly!) From left to right: black cherry, Swedish fish, passion fruit, black cherry, mango, and passion fruit.

I got a mix of Swedish fish and lemonade. The Swedish fish was amazing! The lemonade was pretty good but when the two are together the Swedish fish took over my taste buds and I was oh, so happy!
Ice Cream or Ices? And what flavor?