After our Water Ices from Rita’s we did some serious… and I mean SERIOUS shopping. It was hot like Whoa and we had that AC blasting! After hitting PetSmart, Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, Spencers, and Ollie’s we headed to Sam’s Club for a car battery. We knew in advance that the battery was on the fritz but while on a gas run the car decided it was done. Luckily we were walking distance from Sam’s club.
We did some MORE shopping in Sam’s Club and when we were done we had to wait a while before the car would be ready. After about an hour we got sick of staring at this:
Because it looks REALLY REALLY GOOD. And my cousin said “Dude, its DISGUSTING!” and In our family that means its really freakin good… we’re weird that way. But when we say something is disgusting with disdain… its disgustingly GOOD. Lord, please let nothing edible be really disgusting… cuz the Food Snob fam might think its a green light to eat it!

Vanilla soft serve (though I tell myself its fro yo) with raspberry syrup. Great Googa Mooga. this baby was deelish. We (aka MOM) bought 3 and we all dove in.

I shared mine with this tiny diva. She kept telling me to bring the “juice” to the top. I was glad to because it was saturated with syrup… and I dont need that much sugar. Not pictured is the puddle of water that made its way to my cousins pants… little diva spilled water on a picnic bench and her momma sat right on it… thats when the boredom giggles commenced.

“Tia, take my picture!”

“Mine too!”
And just so you know, there may be a lot of pics below but no where near as many as i had originally taken… but i cant explain my family and their cookiness without giving examples to back it up.

The Food Snob pose.

The Eating Machine Pose.
Another Hour into waiting for the car:

I can only explain this expression by having you refer to the massive quantity of raspberry syrup little diva consumed. CRAZED!

don’t ask. Just laugh.

This is the Evil Lunch Lady… If you’re wondering where the hairnet came from… i bought it at spencers. One because its retro and two becuase it was a buck… im a sucker for sales.


We heard our name called and was to let us know they were working on the car. A million hours later. Dude, I look like im gonna cry but I was about to crack up from holding the sad face.

They cracked up shortly after… and Wouldn’t you know it! the car was fixed right after this pick. We only stood in sams club for a million hours! yay! time to go home and make dinner!

Cuzzo started chopping peppers and onions…

cuz we were gonna have italian sausage and peppers.

mmmmm. Love this smell! I let them cook for a long while. they were getting caramelized!

Mom was on time out cuz she kept telling me what to do… Mom, have you seen the blog? I know my kitchen. JK. She was just taking a break (on the time out stool)…but i like the idea of her being on time out.

To ensure a juicy and crispy sausage (TWSS) we boiled them for a few minutes so the innards cooked up evenly. and to help them cook faster without losing their juiciness…

Peppers and onions, check!

Crisping of the sausages, check!

Dad taking a break, Check.

Stuff face. CHECK! Go back for seconds CHECK!
the sausage and peppers reminded of the kind from the NY street fairs- only from a CLEANER kitchen! MMM.
whats your favorite Street food?