I neglected to mention yesterday during my very silly family photoshoot about the funness of shopping a SAM’S Club. That funness party people is what I like to call SAMPLING. On any given weekend, my fam can be sure of one thing: Free food at Sam’s Club. Usually, we hit up Sam’s Club in the early morning hours so we can score the freshest samples and fill up our bellies with fun stuff for free (minus the cost of all the crap we buy). I have fond memories of hitting up the Coconut Shrimp Kiosk with my then 3 year old Nephew (aka the good eater, now 7) multiple times and insisted it was because “he was crying for more” when really it was me that was crying for more. While the fam and I were waiting for the lovely battery to be changed we kept getting up from our benches to shop and or sample. Right by the entrance of Sam’s Club was a beautiful and sweet smelling display of Strawberries and Raspberries. Right next to that were some already made Angel Food Cakes. And right next to that, SAMPLES

Whipped cream, fresh sweet berries, and angel food cake. It was wonderfully good. And I asked mom to taste. She insisted she didnt like Angel Food Cake but upon my strong encouragement (aka “ma, just taste the damn thing!”) she tried it and said “go get one of those cakes!”. And so I did. We already had berries at the house so the next thing we needed was some WHIP. They didtn have any! So i suggested we get some Heavy Cream and make our own.
At first we used my cousins magic bullet with cenfectioners sugar and vanilla but the motor wasnt strong enough and i felt if i kept encouraging it to “GO” it might start smoking… and I dont want to be responsible for damaging anything at my cousins house…
I once volunteered to mow my cousins lawn with her Manual Lawn Mower… having never driven stick in my life I got a crash course on mowing the lawn. I sucked at it and i sucked at clutching. So sucky that I blew out the 2nd and 3rd gear. I have such fond memories of waking up to my neph saying “good Morning titi, you broke the lawn mower”
This is what the whip looked like… it wasnt very thick. it was soupy. And then my cousins husband used the left side of his brain and showed me the immersion blender they had!
And the results were much much better!

grabbed my angel food cake.

Added whip and strawberries. DY-No-Mite! even more so cuz I made it.
The following we day we went home. While at spencers I had purchased some Whoopie pies! never considered myself a whoopie pie girl… but they looked so enticing that i decided to give them a go. And i had to get several so i can see which one is my fav.
I asked the teen Amish girl if the pies would stay fresh for a few days and the Itch rolled her eyes and said “I guess” and then i added “what if I refrigerate them?”… Too bad I couldnt smack her around a bit.
the oatmeal whoppie pie was amazeballs… that chocolate chip – Eh! Coulda been bettah. But the baby that rocked my socks off…

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie. Ladies and gentleman. That was heavenly.

So, Have you ever enjoyed a sample SO MUCH that it inspired you to buy? If so, what was it and where can i get one? i have one too many of these but i will note that i have been influenced by one too many infomercials. Bare escentuals, the Shark, the magic Bullet, and the rounded brush blow dryer
And whatcha doin this weekend?? SATC2 with momma dukes and maybe some BRUNCH Chigga chigga