Hope you all had a great weekend!
Mom and I had a great girls night out watching Sex and The City 2. Had it not been for the fact that i am a DIE HARD fan i would have hated the movie. I found some parts unnecessaryily long and pointless but it definitely satisfied my need for a girly movie with cute shoes and purses…
Then yesterday after a very lazy morning and a trip to trader joes ( the only thing in my fridge: tofu and milk) mom and dad wanted to go to the movies. Had it been later in the month we would have gone to see Grown Ups cuz we wanna get chocolate wasted. .. but we opted for Get Him To The Greek instead.
Verdict: Love. Absolutely love. I laughed and laughed. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It might have to do with the fact that Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of my favorite movies ever… and that this movie is a psuedo sequel! Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are a duo of comedic genius… and Diddy is a riot! if you need a good laugh please go. I loved it.
Back to the grind.
I had to take a different way to work and passed my favorite bagel shop. And this is one of the reasons I am not allowed to carry cash:
I feel cash is a green light to go to the bagel store and buy a sesame bagel with lox spread. But how can you deny a New York Style bagel in all its doughy goodness? And Lox? heaven sent!
A bit of a change to our regularly scheduled program.
Dad and I went to lunch!
You would think with the heat and humidity that we would choose a venue close to the office…
But we chose Da Nico’s in Little Italy because its been AGES since we last dined here.
I ordered a pasta dish and seconds after i ordered it this salad came out. Nice. I didnt eat all of it. (i should have) and really enjoyed the balsamic dressing. definitely homemade. yum!

I saw pasta primavera and thought..”Oh! Pasta and veggies” it said something about a light cream sauce and it just sounded like something really delish and somewhat healthy. I was way wrong.

this baby while covered in vodka cream sauce, in all its delicious glory, was a bad idea. the angel hair was cooked perfectly and the sauce was probably seasoned with crack. I ate all the veggies first… and if you have a problem eating veggies, might i suggest covering them in a yummy vodka cream sauce with parmesean – ’tis quite the party in the mouth! Before i knew it a few pathetic strands of angel hair lay in a pool of sauce. I was stuffed. I was content too… maybe even ready for a nap.
Then they did this to me.

Fresh. Hot. Zepoles. Oh my lord. I ate one. and then another. and then wanted to cry. So we left. and walked. in the heat. with full bellies. not a good combo.
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Dinner? there was NO dinner! not after that carb-fest! but it was all good. I was too busy trying to nap off the carb coma.
Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?
BOTH baby!
Chobani or who cares?
I say whatever is on sale
Bagel with Cream cheese or Butter?