This is my SEVENTH, yes SEVENTH, Attempt to upload photos. It finally worked. I’m telling you this blogger network is really starting to get on my nerves! ugh!
Recently, I received an email from mom about the consumption of fruit. It basically said to obtain the optimum benefits of fruit, one should consume fruit on an empty stomach. I always research these emails because so many people are eaily influenced by these chain emails that make no damn sense! Im sure you all love the Nigeria emails and Microsoft emails as much as i do!
But i will put to bed that it doesnt matter when you eat your fruits. Just eat them and enjoy them! And with summer so near you can enjoy these beauties:
I love kiwi and strawberries together! MMM! and i sprinkled with some SPLENDA.
While impulse shopping I picked up some random things and this soft taco dinner kit was on sale for $1.49 (dont worry- it wasnt expired) and i thought i would entertain the idea of making some soft tacos for dinner.

I had some ground chicken in the freezer and defrosted it. It looked a little scary but then again so does ALL ground meat. Then I started to cook it.

Gross fest. this chicken was NOT good. And it smelled weird. Chucked that sucker right in the trash. And considered scrapping my taco idea…

till i spied some light tofu in the fridge. I sliced it up and pressed out the excess liquid. Diced it up and set it to a new and screaming hot saute pan.

I added 1/4 packet of taco seasoning and some water and heated the tofu through. The tofu didnt do a great job of absorbin the seasoning.

Made a neat pile of mexican cheese blend, spring greens, tofu and taco sauce. Serving size suggested 4 tacos each… but that seemed like a lot!

So i packed them with more tofu and greens.
FYI: its really odd having to photograph this soft taco. Structurally its not capable of being photogenic without being held together.

I took a big bite. It was okay. Not so much the tofu’s fault as it was the taco kits fault. The taco seasoning tasted of powdered cheese… the kind you find heavily dusted on popcorn. Dont get me wrong, i love fake cheesy dusted popcorn as much as the next guy but as a seasoning for tacos? Hell no! next time i make my own seasoning! And the tortilla as really DRY! The date on the kit was good for another 6 months but i just think that things like this should not be boxed together for the sake of some lazy dude that only wants to assemble and swallow a taco.
I also know that even the next day when i made these tacos with shredded chicken taht they still tasted awful… and dont even get me started on what they called “taco sauce”. I’d rather go to taco bell and get the runs.
So make Your own Taco at home kits: FAIL!
How about a taco bake instead???
Ever been disappointed by a Dinner Kit? DISH!