I recently revealed an impulse buy on a fancy hairnet because it was only $1. Sometimes…no no. MOST times, I am a sucker for a sale. I know im not alone. On the way home the other day I was having a conversation with my neighbor/coworker about makeup. I should note her gorgeous skin never had make up on it until a late night watching an info-mercial on Bare Escentuals which led her to spend $300 on several kits. She had quite a bit of knowledge on the line from the “research” she did on it. I would know, I bought the same kit once. But when i asked her why she bought so much make up when she in fact doesnt need it, she was quick to say “Im a sucker for sales”. And then it hit me. So. Was. I.
Silly things like playing mind games on myself will have me spending without a cause quicker than Mickey on a potty run. I reason with myself. My most recent example: Philosophy. Oh yes, they saw me coming. I purchased the “Make Up Optional” kit. A skin care set that retails for $79. OUCH! And as a diva on a budget that was really difficult to justify… but i reasoned with myself (and Tiffany, who i unsucessfully tried to convert into a Philosophy Girl) that each product in my purchased a la carte would add up to $128! So, i thought “Im saving money so its worth it!”
Can someone please teach me how to shut this brain function off?
I didn’t get to shut off said brain function at trader joes when i saw this amaze a balls box of cereal lovin for only $1.99. Everyone should know that cereal is my downfall. This box of joy is a toffee nut cluster paradise. it had brazil nuts, almonds, pecans and yummy little bits of love here and there… and well, the box didn’t last very long in the apartment and im sorry to say its not allowed back into my apartment becuase its deliciously addicting… and the 250 cal per serving is painful!
Around lunchtime I was in need of some comfort food. And lately comfort is spelled E-G-G-S.
Namely, fritatta.
I love fritatta for being so versatile. I threw some eggs and egg whites in a pan with some broccoli, chives, goat cheese, and parm cheese…
baked it in the oven at 425 for 7 minutes…
And then because this box of fake taters was $1… I decided to make it an “eggs and cheesy taters” kinda meal.

It had bacon in it so i figured that was a nice breakfast for lunch kinda theme. I snuck a taste before i packed it up for lunch…
But what was i expecting from a box of dehydrated taters?
Together it was a substantial lunch. but honestly, its becoming unbearably hot in my kitchen and i am looking for the easiest, quickest, and most filling meals i can get my hands on. I might bite the bullet and start making frozen entres for din din since the kitch is so damn muggy!
Wanting to avoid the kitchen for as long as possible, dinner was a batch of pork dumplings steamed in the steamer.

and drizzled with ponzu sauce and soy sauce – really good too! and I paired it with a veggie egg roll! Really killed a hankering for take out!
Are you a sucker for sales/deals/infomercials? What is your most embarassing impulse buy?
Yes. I purchased a shit load of cosmetics from bareescentuals and most of them are still inthe original packaging they came in.
And do you find infomercials as captivating as I do?
I swear I can watch the Magic Bullet informercial a million times!