I would have posted sooner but someone placed 5 dozen (thats a lot) freshly baked cinnamon rolls near my desk. Its always on a day when I am dead serious about staying within my range… and then the temptation in the form of warm baked cinnamon rolls sits in front of me.
I took a 1/4 of one.
Probably still 300 cals worth of cinnamony sin.
I got ready for a delicious cup of traders joes greek yogurt and to my horror disocovered a funky gelatnous ring in the center of my yogurt… the date was fresh… and i was grossed out. CHUCKED! I went into the office fridge and found a chobani that was given to me last week… i cautiously opened it and gave it a stir… it was still good. whew. i threw in some oat bran. fresh bloobs and crumbled a 100 cal blueberry muffin.
I snapped a crappy shot of this and started to dig in. I got some really grossed out looks but it tasted a lot like a trifle. It was heavenly!
Speaking of heavenly, I had made a buffalo “chicken” salad for lunch and my fellow diva called and said “We need a drink, Mo”. And i looked at my salad. I looked out the window. Looked at the salad. Looked out the window…
“okay, i will meet you at the pub in 5”
The pub won. Not just for the ice cold beer with lunch but for this beauty: Matt, the bar owner always rolls his eyes when I order, jokingly of course, because this meal in his mind is a “healthy girly meal”. And really the only thing healthy is that i ask for salad instead of fries. My friends ordered loaded tater tots and double stuffed baked potatoes…i ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo, fresh spinach and some provologne cheese. The spinach florentine sandwich. I dont know if it was karma or the fact that the kitchen was so busy but the end result was that my sandwich wasnt what i was hoping for it to be. It was on the bland side (blasphemy!) but the side salad? PERFECTION!
the reality of my disappointing sandwich inspired me to go home and make some fake take out. Lo Mein.
I couldn’t find my chicken seasonings and decided to wing it. (hahaha-wing, chicken- get it?) I diced up some lite tofu and a ginormous zucchini. I sauteed them both in some sesame oil and garlic for a few mins and then tossed in some thoroughly rinsed tofu shirataki noodles.

I added some soy sauce, ponzu sauce, onion, garlic, and some other randoms that i thought would make this taste good.

It wasnt TERRIBLE but it really needed that chicken seasoning to bump up the flavors and steer clear of the SOY SAUCE flavor. lol. I still enjoyed it but my other lo meins have been much much more successful.
How has having a craving for something let you down?
I was once craving crispy fries from Pomme Frites and the order i took to go was completely soggified. GAG
Do you think your PARENTS should use Facebook, and if so Should they be friends with you and your friends?
I say maybe. Parents should take a Facebook tutorial and study a List of Dos And Donts. This should be something for Melissas Three Things Thursday!